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Why Use Me For Your Mortgage Services?

My Philosophy

Anybody can buy a house. But it takes a person with my mortgage experience to buy a HOME.

Over the last decade of being close to Real Estate money, I've learned that Mortgages are more about the heart than they are about the pocketbook. What a family buys for their home is an emotional purchase. I capture the essence of that emotion and put it to work for them.

Home ownership is a magical experience. And anybody who lives in this country and strives hard to be part of its culture deserves an opportunity to be part of that experience. There is no better way than land/home ownership to give people a reason to protect their freedom.

I am -- by myself -- nothing in this industry. My ability to meet the needs of my clients is directly related to my professional sphere of influence. Most often my clients require a wide range of services including a real estate agent, a CPA, a financial planner and a will/trust attorney. In the proper capacity, I simply orchestrate by leveraging the talents of those professionals with whom I am involved.

Generally speaking, we all have but one chance to do anything right. This is particularly true with it comes to business. As a result you'll find that I dedicate myself to perfection wherever humanly possible. My wife and my friends will tell you this is one of my character flaws!

My Experience

I hold dual Bachelor degrees. One in Engineering and one in Business Communications. I went from digital design engineering in the early eighties to high-technology Business Development and Marketing Communications from 1985 to 1997. I moved away from the technology sector and into real estate financing in 1997 and since then have assisted over 500 families with their mortgages resulting in over $150 million in transactions.

My Profession

Putting in its most basic terms, Mortgage Brokers put borrowers in touch with a loan program available from hundreds of banks and lenders. In 9 out of 10 times a Mortgage Broker will save a borrower time, money, or obtain a lower rate than if the borrower attempted to obtain the loan themselves. As a result of the vast number of lenders and the breadth of programs, it has become far too complicated for a borrower to obtain the most effective loan by themselves.

For almost a decade I've been helping people find the a loan program to suit their personal and financial needs. Identifying the perfect loan program is not as easy as it sounds. There are literally thousands of loan types and dozens of ways to structure each type. There are almost as many varieties of loans as there are people who want them. It goes beyond credit worthiness, income, and debts. Mortgages are extremely personal and require sensitivity to human nature and are as much an art as they are a science. To do them right requires a sound and balanced approach. It takes a unique personal and professional quality to be a leading Mortgage Broker.

I am that person.

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