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dotjenna Social Media Sales Coach for Real Estate
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I wear hot pink every day. I Googled everything I know. You can call me a Thinker, Futurist and Entrepreneur. I’m also a writer, speaker, web developer and a sales & marketing expert. My ultimate purpose on this planet is to be an Author / Speaker, inspiring the world with my unconventional ideas and practical advice. I’ve known this since I was a little girl. I run at least 50 Client Websites, 10 Blogs, 5 Facebook Pages, 2 Successful Websites (Companies) and 1 Twitter Account. My network of 10,000 is painstakingly niched for ultimate engagement. I am building a Community of people who are working together to help one another increase the quality of our lives through the implementation of effective social media sales & marketing. http://www.TheMarketingShop.com/ I have a solid client base of website and coaching clients, including: Realtors, Small Businesses, Attorneys and others. My company, The Marketing Shop.com, has been in business for 6 years, specializing in SEO and web development for small businesses and Realtors. http://www.dotJenna.com/ I am also a Social Media Coach, Speaker and Blogger. I started coaching and consulting when requests for my social media expertise demanded it in 2009. I’ve been called “The Social Media Energizer Bunny” and “Hot Dot.” Before 2004, I was a top-producing recruiter with my own firm, “FirstPlace Recruiting” in Addison, TX, with DFW Fortune 500 clients ranging from American Airlines to CompUSA. Prior to that, I was a headhunter for Accounting & Finance at The Danbrook Group where my production out-ranked all recruiters in the company’s 20 year history. The president called me a “Phenom.” I am the kind of person who envisions the future, sets goals and achieves them. I’m a doer. Nothing stops me. If there is a door that will not open, I will build a new one. I have an abominable confidence for success that defies logic. No sacrifice is too great to get me to where I’m going. This attitude spills over into the work I do for my clients, as I treat their work as if it were mine. I’ll work as hard as I have to, for as long as it takes.   I am single and reside in Frisco, TX with my 2 dogs and a Mac Computer.




1. Writing
2. Speaking
3. Insight & Ideas
4. Sales
5. Leadership


1. Honesty
2. Caring
3. Authenticity
4. Vision
5. Persistence
6. Self-Starter
7. Energy
8. Enthusiasm


1. Proficient Web Developer
2. Web Project Manager / Liason
3. PHP, HTML, MySQL, WordPress
4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
5. Web Usability Expert
6. Lead Generation Expert
7. Email Marketing
8. Graphic Design
9. Web Content Expert


1. Prolific Writer
2. Entertaining Speaker
3. Unique Theories, Concepts, Ideas
4. Practical Applications
5. Sharp Persuasion Skills
6. Sales Abilities
7. Entrepreneur
8. Warm, Friendly Demeanor


1. Fresh Ideas
2. Authenticity
3. Inspiration
4. Risky Content
5. Never Dull, Always New
6. Always Fun
7. Straight-Forward
8. Not a Doormat
9. I Love People



I'm dotJenna, Social Media Sales Coach, Blogger, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Webmaster for small businesses, real estate agents and sales people. I own The Marketing Shop.com & dotJenna.com.