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Joe Adamson
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I began my lending career in 1972 (no...I'm not old...just very experienced!).  After eighteen years in consumer lending and responsibility for operations of over eighty branches in five states, I left in May of 1990 to join in the establishment of Mortgage Magic.  A major advantage of my time in consumer finance is that I closed, reviewed, approved or was otherwise involved in a very large volume of loans.  Best guess is that in those eighteen years, the number was over 45,000!  Training and study are very important, but their is no substitute for hands-on experience!  Also, I've learned that in order to get what you want, you have to help others get what they want.  The more you help, they more you get help.  Our company is founded on that principal and, as such, we require anyone who works for us to contribute, in a method of their choosing, to our community.  We have been very fortunate in that what we have put out has come back to us many times over including ways we never expected such as winning the Salvation Army' Golden Kettle Award, their highest corporate honor for community service, and the first-ever San Jose Chamber of Commerce's Community Excellence Award.  Our goal has always been, and always will be, to provide quality information, service and products in an honest, professional manner to all with whom we come in contact.  I would be honored to do the same for you and your referrals.


Any good loan agent easily should be able to handle purchases (large or small), refinances and all the rest of the most often requested loans including lines of credit, seconds non-owner purchases, etc.  After all regardless of the reason, a loan still boils down to income, credit and property.  Often, however, for less experienced loan agents, they look no further than the specific loan the client asked for.  I see my responsibility as considerably more than that.  In a loan transaction, I am privileged to see personal information that the clients family and best friends are not privy to.  To me, that places additional responsibility other than just ensuring that the transaction proceeds quickly, easily and that communication is maintained throughout the transaction.  I believe it is my duty to look beyond just the loan and to establish a rapport with the client that will allow me to serve as a reference source for them.  By serving them in that capacity, hopefully, over the years, I may be able to help the client enhance and improve their financial situation by providing them with referrals to trusted professionals in the fields of real estate, financial planning, taxes, etc.  As I stated in my profile, I firmly believe that the more you help people, the more you get helped.  And, I believe that to be true even when there is no expected compensation for the assistance you provide.


Mortgage Magic is a full service mortgage brokerage providing purchase, refinance, seconds, cash-out and just about all types of mortgage financing since 1990.