Joe Iacovelli (GSF Mortgage Corp)

115 Mountain Road

Fallston , MD 21047

I do loans in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Illinois, ok and a lot of other states. We always work for our clients first. Help people, always! We value your Business and will earn your referrals.

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Well, to start I am a retired Army Officer and I have been in and out of the mortgage business over the last 15 years.  I am relentless in my approach to help someone achieve their goals.  I have been instrumental in helping people rebuild their credit so that they can either refi or purchase their first home.  Extremely Rewarding!!!  Thanks to a background in insurance, investments, taxes and estate planning along with the business schooling helps me with helping my clients.   Plus I have build a strong network of business professionals; real estate agents, lawyers, estate planners and more for my clients and theirs to work with as needed.  I have been very fortunate to have my clients come back to me for all of their financial needs and questions.  Recently, we saved a couple in their late 50's early 60's from foreclosure by a well known mortgage company.  The foreclosure was stopped, they sold their house and netted out a tidy sum to help them move on in their life.  For me it is all about helping people - always has been.  On active duty my motto was - Mission First, People Always. 

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Most of my business is purchases, construction to perm loans and then refi's.  The refi's are 80% passed clients.   Through some sound business practices we have streamlined the purchase process and networked with two very strong companies that handle the construction to perm loans.   Plus my follow-up with my clients during and after the loan is paramount to them and me.  
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