Joni  Smith (Showcase Interiors)
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Get to know Joni Smith

Joni has been a Home Stager for 5 years and is the Owner of Showcase Interiors.  Moving across the United States, and setting up a new home in 7 different states started her passion for design.  "It was always an adventure moving into a new area, and being able to create a different living space everywhere we moved", says Smith.  She feels an immediate connection with the Homeowner, and their stress of getting their home on the market.  Smith is able to share her own experiences, and how she prepared each home for the market.  "I started looking at each home as a product.  I would paint a neutral color upon moving in, kept a minimalistic approach to my design, and kept the junk drawers and closets organized." 

Joni has been a small business owner in the past, but it was her experience with having her own homes listed (moved every year over 8 years) that opened her eyes to her passion of staging.  She loves the job, even though she doesn't look at it as a job, it is her time to have fun designing a space for other people.  With her strong communication skills, and her passion for customer service, she is able to provide a well rounded business for her clients.

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