Jennifer Pepper (Nextage Professionals Realty)

718 W Stephenson St

Freeport , IL 61032

I am looking to build a Nextage Team outside Illinois. Nextage is the fastest growing Real Estate model with innovative concepts and 4 ways to earn income

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Nextage Professionals Realty

We are a new international real estate franchise company (currently the fastest growing in the US) that has the most innovative compensation model in the industry......where we can build a business, not just do business, and where our individual leadership skills are elevated and rewarded with residual income for now and into the future.

 Vision Statememt

One Vision - Measurable dominance in each local marketplace we serve, worldwide One Brand - Leading the industry into it's "Next Age" through the "Power of We" One Path - Our united, customer focus and connected efforts One Result - YOUR success is OURS

Mission Statement

 To provide the Nextage opportunity by delivering our systems to ambitious and passionate members and by assisting them in building a real estate business where financial success transcends personal production.  Our unique model promotes mentoring, team development and leadership while at all times providing superior service to each of our customers. 

Values Statement

The Nextage culture is rooted in the belief that your success is ours; therefore, WE must give in order to recieve and always put you first. WE passionately exceed expectations by committing to be our best. We do the right thing at every turn and lead by example because actions speak louder than words.

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