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I'm a member of VizionKC, a real estate investment company in the Kansas City Area. We specialize in complete home remodels which we either flip or offer as a lease option & rental.

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Vizion brings you the real estate investments you want - and save you time and money in the process. The Old Fashioned Way of Investing: Investors who are interest in diversifying their investment portfolio with real estate can do it themselves, and pay the price, with most spending: $20-$30,000 in real estate investment training courses * Untold hours attempting to generate a loan from a bank that is still lending * Additional funds to source, interview, and hire a general contractor to manage renovation projects * Valuable personal man hours and additional funds to select appliances, flooring, paint, and other improvements * Weeks supervising the renovation process * Unrecoupable time waiting through the sale/rental process * and the list goes on and on The Vizion Way: Select the property or properties that you desire from the Vizion collection of identified exceptional opportunities and write a check. That's it. Our team of real estate professionals, general contractors, renovation specialists, and property managers oversee all the details for you, from selection of the property through to sale or lease. We leverage decades of general contracting experience, pairs it with seasoned real estate acumen, and balances it with a thorough understanding of today's unprecendented market conditions, creating lasting and profitable investments for its partners. The real estate professionals at Vizion know that the key to success is to have a clear understanding of what you are buying. You should be familiar with the area and the state in which you are buying, the area's current and projected market conditions and the comparative price values in that neighborhood. Working with Vizion is the simplest, most effective way to build your real estate investment portfolio. There's never been a better time to invest in residential real estate. The Vizion team is unparalleled in its ability to identify exceptionally undervalued properties and transform them from the least attractive house on the block to the most desirable home in the neighborhood. Our properties are selected based upon a stringent set of criteria that enables us to transform them into portfolio quality short or long-term investments.  

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Our strategy is simple. Our highly experienced team of veteran financiers, real estate analysts, acquisitions experts, and construction and renovation professionals seek out proeprties that are able to be acquired and rehabbed under 70% of the appraised value. These homes must be located in good neighborhoods and have stong infrastructure. We assess their resale and or rental potential, contact interested investors and begin the renovation process.

We offer a variety of exit strategies, all designed to make money for the investor. If you prefer to be involved in a flip we will guide you through the process and advise how long the home will be in renovation and the average number of days it is likely to be on the market upon completion. If you prefer to own a rental, we'll explain the rental process and also introduce you to our property management partner, who, by the way, maintains an impressive vacancy rate of less than three percent.

And finally, we also offer lease option exits. This is an area which we are most excited because, due to the current economic conditions, good families are suffering with ownership arena, enable investors to make a bit more at the front end, and enjoy a steady income stream until the property is converted to a sale.