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Tampa , FL 34211

For more than twenty years, Julie has brought innovative sales and marketing solutions to real estate professionals across North America. Here you'll find humor & how-to strategies for your business.

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Having been in and around the real estate industry as well as the wide world of speaking and training for over 25 years, I am passionate about bringing solutions, inspiration and motivation to real estate professionals in today's market. 

I started as a REALTOR over 20 years ago, then moved to franchise sales for a national organization.  From there, I became the Outside Marketing Director for Floyd Wickman Courses and the Sweathog program.  I then worked for many years as a consultant, and currently am the Director of Marketing and creator of content for ProspectsPLUS.com.   

For agents and brokers eager to build strong foundations in their markets?  I hope to bring solutions, insights, and skill building tools.  In my role a content creator, consultant, marketing director and syndicated columnst, I get the opportunity to share that passion with agents and brokers across North America. And that?  Is right up my alley!  

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Creating the kind of systems, tools, strategies and solutions real estate professionals need to thrive in any market.  Coaching, marketing tools, and a rocking real estate community!