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Get to Know Karen Anne Stone

Thank you for visiting my profile page, and for taking the time to get to know me better.  I have been in Real Estate for over twenty years... after a nine-year career as a Junior High School Teacher. 

My Career is unique in that the latter half of my years in real estate has been as a Realtor and a Broker, while the earlier half was as an on-site New Home Sales Representative for several national homebuilders in three different national markets... Cleveland, FortWorth/Dallas, and Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland.

My Life is currently being shared with my lovable black and white kitty of twelve years... Miss Mollie T Cat.  Mollie and I have been together now for over twelve years... and have formed quite a team.

I began as a Realtor and then became a Broker in the Northeastern Ohio real estate market.  I then moved to the D/FW Texas market.  At first, since I did not know the market and did not have a "following" or a sphere of influence, I became a New Home Sales Consultant. 

After working for several national new home builders in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, I gradually learned the market, and developed a fair-sized sphere of influence.  With that in place, I re-acquired my real estate license.  I have been active in the Fort Worth/Tarrant County real estate market, concentrating on both New Homes and existing re-sale homes for the past eleven years.  

I have found that having experience as both a Realtor and a New Home Sales Consultant has been very beneficial for my buyers... since knowing the in's and out's of New Home Selling has really helped in my negotiations with Builders on behalf of my New Home Buyers.  I have found that the greater Fort Worth area... and all of Tarrant County... is such a great place for anyone who would want a new home. 

There is so much open land that is availabe in the northern, the western and the southern parts of Tarrant County, and that land, being relatively less expensive than many areas in North Dallas... gives the typical new home buyer some really awesome choices... at some really great, and very affordable prices.

After graduating from John Carroll University, a Jesuit Catholic university in Cleveland, Ohio with a major in Psychology, I taught at the Junior High level in the Cleveland Ohio Catholic Schools for nine years.  It was truly an incredible experience.  It was long ago, but it feels like it was just yesterday.

With all this Catholic education, you'd think I would have perhaps entered the convent ?  (LOL)  No... I decided to become a Realtor instead. <silly grin>

I think it is very true that "once a teacher, always a teacher."  I also think I have proven this to be true by my approach to real estate with my customers and clients.  I have been told many times that having Karen Anne Stone as their Realtor has truly been a "learning experience."  With me as your Realtor, I'll even "help you with your homework."

One of the things I have found very useful, is being able to discuss some of the tax advantages of owning real estate with my buyers and sellers.  Obviously, I can never give "legal" advice, and I always suggest that my buyers and sellers consult their own "tax professional" for advice, but I have found that the fact that I have attended the same Sixty-Six hour Tax Prep course that H & R Block gives their tax preparing associates has helped me greatly.



Karen Anne specializes in working with both buyers and sellers in all areas of Tarrant County.  That includes the areas of Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake, Keller, Haslet, Saginaw, Arlington, Mansfield, Crowley, The Alliance Corridor, and also Burleson, Aledo, Weatherford, Midlothian, and the rest of Tarrant County.  She has expertise in both New Home Sales, and in the Listing or Selling of Existing Homes.

Having Karen Anne Represent you when you purchase your home... costs you NOTHING... but can save you thousands of dollars.  One point of frustration for Karen Anne... is when she happens to meet folks who just moved into their new home... did not know about Karen, so they did not use her "new home buying services"... and ended up paying full price or close to it for their home, because the new home builder salesperson told them they had to... that that was their only choice because the builder "did not take offers."  Ouch !

The basis of Karen's real estate career has always been in building Relationships.  Once a relationship is established between herself and her clients, they can become much more than simply clients.  For many salespeople, both Realtors and new home consultants, if a transaction is simply with a "client"... the contact between the two people often ends when the transaction closes.  When the contact between the two evolves into a "relationship"... it can last for years and years.  Sometimes... those client-relationships even turn into friendships.

Having had a previous career in teaching has been a real plus for Karen.  Years ago, at parent-teacher conferences, she often heard many stories from parents about how their sons or daughters had always done poorly in math.  Many of the parents had come to think through the years that their child had some sort of "mental block" towards math.  Then they would ask Karen...  "Ms Stone, what have you done to my child.  Math is now her favorite subject !"   The answer was easy.  Karen simply enjoyed teaching them, and in turn made their learning experience also enjoyable.  But... Back to Real Estate.

An additional advantage that Karen has... comes from the fact that in her teaching career... one of the subjects Karen taught... was math. 

With math being one of her strengths, Karen's knowledge of home mortgage financing has proven extremely valuable to both her buyers and her sellers. 

When the subject of mortgage financing comes up... many Realtors just reach into their purse and hand you a mortgage loan officer's business card, and asks you to call them. 

Karen, however, is able to discuss the many mortgage options and plans with her buyers and sellers... rather then send them off to some "mortgage guy" they've never met before.

And... if you're a home seller, and an offer on your home comes in from another Realtor and their buyer... Karen knows the right questions to ask about that buyer's financing, and about their ability to get a loan.  During the home-selling process... surprised are NOT a good thing... that's for sure.

Karen's real estate activity is split fairly evenly between sales (45%) and listings (55%).  She also concentrates fairly heavily on the new home market, both selling new homes, and marketing the pre-owned homes of her new home buyers. 

Karen continues to be blessed with having a goodly number of referrals from new home sales consultants.  Her website is www.HomeFindersDFW.com, and features both existing home, and a wide variety of new homes. Please come visit, and share your comments with her.  She welcomes them, and is sure she will learn much from your comments and suggestions. 

The majority of Karen's business is with people who are either referred to her by her past clients or introduced to her by her "Sphere of Influence..."  which is a fancy phrase for all the people who know her, and of course, who like and trust her enough to introduce their own friends and family members to Karen when they have "real estate needs."  When that happens, she is honored by it, and does her very best to show them that she respects, appreciates, and deserves their trust.  By the way... Karen prefers to call her "sphere of influence" her "sphere of relationships."


Now, a word from Karen Anne:  For you who are reading this... the next time you are in a conversation with someone, and they mention that they know someone who is thinking about buying or selling a home, please give me a call at (817) 929-3400.  I promise I will do my very best to fill their needs... and to make their new home dreams come true.

By the way... thank you so much for reading all of this.  I know it was long, but I hope that by doing so, you were able to get to know me just a little bit better.



Karen Anne's New Home Hunters of Fort Worth is an Excellent Source for New Home Buyers in Fort Worth and Dallas. If you're looking to either buy or sell your home... Call a Truly Caring Professional.