Kathleen Garrison, Independent Associate (Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.)
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Unlike other legal service providers, Pre-Paid Legal provides you with direct, toll-free access to a quality law firm when you have a legal need.

Get to know Kathleen Garrison, Independent Associate

I joined Pre-Paid Legal Services because I recognized the need for affordable legal advice.  As a real estate agent and loan officer, many times we tell our clients to speak to their accountant and attorney before deciding the course of action they should take.  On our own behalf, we need to protect ourselves because of new RESPA laws and other policies implemented in our profession.

Simply put, a Pre-Paid Legal Business Plan does for business consulting and legal needs what medical insurance does for your health needs.

I was raised in the Sacramento area and most of my family still resides here.  I have watched the area grow and businesses change hands.   

 Call me at 530-219-5232 or eMail me: KathleenGarrison@prepaidlegal.com

"Service with Integrity - Always!"


CalPERS Certified Loan Officer

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