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Thank you does not seem enough to say about what you have done in assisting me on selling my home.  From the day of our first meeting I have had to do nothing in regards to this sale.  You marketed the home, hired contractors, and most impressively negoiated with the mortgage company and that negoiation resulted in the mortgage company forgiving at least 20% of the outstanding balance of my loan.  I wish you both the same results on all your transactions and I hope I can send you many many referrals.

Debbie Whitehead, Real Estate Broker  (Fort Worth, TX)

To Whom It May Concern: To say the we were pleased with Kent Dills and his attention to details, professionalism and marketing approach would be an understatement! We had listed our home for just over six months with another company and in less than three weeks with Kent not only had he shown the home several times we were getting offers, realistic offers. All of which came during the Christmas holidays and in a declining market. Were we please, very much so! 

Bill and Debbie G. (Bedford, Texas)

Kent was a blessing for a "NEW GUY IN TOWN". He helped my wife Bonnie and I beyond expectation. We love our new home and would recommend Kent to anyone that would listen. I plan on using his "Service" with in the next couple of years! Thanks Kent,

Steve and Bonnie B. (Hurst, Texas)

You get the idea - many more testimonials available upon request.


In what are trying times in the mortgage and real estate businesses, I've decided that I really want to focus on loss mitigation in the form of short sales in addition to "normal" retail residential real estate.  This is so that I can be of service to those that need it most.  I also offer free loan modification consulting to homeowners who are left confused and mis-informed by their lenders.

If you or anyone you know is anxious, distraught, or plain stressed out about not being able to make your mortgage payments, or fearing that you're not far off from that extremely fearful situation, please call me and let's get you scheduled for A FREE CONSULTATION.  During the consultation we'll educate you about ALL YOUR OPTIONS.  Can't promise anything; but, things might not be as bad as they seem.

One of the options that's open to folks who want to sell their homes and just move on is a short sale.  This is a great fit if you need to sell your home but have little or no equity in it.  We'll get the bank to accept less that what is owed on it and even pay most or all of the closing costs and real estate commissions that are most if not all of the cost to sell.

If staying in the home is the preference, I'll do a free consultation to education to the point that you'll feel comfortable in asking your lender to help you help them keep you in your home.  You'll do this by asking the lender to modify the loan terms (intererst rate, length of loan, write down principle if applicable, etc.) so that you can afford the monthly payment.

Of course there are conditions, guidelines, restrictions that apply to these options but that's why you hire an experienced professional to help guide you through this.

If you're an agent that runs into a situation that sounds like these options might be a good fit, and you're not experienced doing this kind of work, by all means refer the client to me and I'll pay you an appropriate referal fee!  And the clients will get the help that they need!  Clients and homes that are in foreclosure process are definitely no place to learn how to do short sales.  Learn on properties that aren't in foreclosure, and refer out those that are!


Active and experienced in all aspects of residential real estate but specializes in helping distressed homeowners of over-leveraged properties negotiate and obtain short sales.