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We offer property managment and field asset services to the real estate industry.  Below is a list of the services we offer.

Scope of Services 

Re-Key Secure Openings Debris Removal Lawn Maintenance Janitorial Service Winterization Pool Maintenance Repairs Eviction Lockouts Smoke Detector Installs Water Heater Strap Installs Personal Property Removal Emergency Maintenance Rehabilitation/Construction & Repairs

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 Property Preservation

Securing/Lock changes & rekeying Winterizations & de-winterizations Eviction Assistance & Management/Debris removal Door and window boarding  Lawn maintenance Minor repairs, major repairs & rehab- roofing Carpet cleaning Property Preservation Our objective is to help our clients keep their carrying costs down. We analyze and recommend the minimal improvements to a property to reduce the time in resale. And we work with our vast network of vendors to obtain the lowest cost in home improvements. We coordinate all home improvement work for you, so you can focus on your core business. Most of our property preservation services are completed in less than three business days and include before and after photos. All services are available on any property, nationwide. Property and REO Maintenance Services include: Locksmith  We can complete re-key services on any property, nationwide with a typical turn around time of less than 3 days. Access services typically consist of re-keying existing locks on front and rear access doors, one lock per door. Repair and Remodeling rehab and repair work is performed under permit and in accordance with local building code by licensed and insured contractors. Lawn Service  lawn care services are provided in conjunction with or after debris removal services are completed. Lawn care services include removal of clippings from the lawn, walkways, and driveways, edging of walkways, and trimming of shrubbery and bushes. Lockout/Evictions  eviction crew handles and stores personal property in accordance with local laws and statutes, and the client's attorney is notified and informed when personal property is stored. Full photo documentation, including a photo of the Sheriff entering the property (if permissible), is provided to the client. Board/Securing  boards up and secures property only when requested by client, unless potential health or safety hazards exist, or if vandalism to the property is of concern. Unless required otherwise by local code, only first floor openings of a property are boarded. Properties are boarded in accordance with local HUD specifications. Trash Out/Debris Removal  completes trash outs and debris removals as directed by our clients' pre-established limitations. Our typical turn around time for debris removal is 3 days, although additional time may be required if the amount of debris is excessive. Winterization/Plumbing NREIS AM has created long-term, strategic alliances with our subcontractors who perform both wet and dry winterizations and plumbing system preservation. Winterization warning labels are applied to sinks, toilets, hot water heaters, and other plumbing mechanisms. We provide full photo documentation, before and after services, to our clients. Swimming Pool Maintenance NREIS AM provides full swimming pool maintenance services, including opening the pool and engaging the water filtration system(s), draining, cleaning, and refilling the pool (if necessary), and the addition of chemicals (acids, bases, chlorine, etc.) to achieve a properly balanced pH level. We also recommend repairs or replacement of the pool pump and filtration system, as necessary. Janitorial Services NREIS AM completes janitorial and cleaning services once the trash out of the property is complete. Cleaning services include sweeping carpets, mopping floors, and cleaning sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Toxic Mold Treatment NREIS AM provides full-service toxic mold investigation, testing, written protocol, and remediation services. All mold inspection and testing services are completed by a certified Industrial Hygienist. Once lab results are returned, the Industrial Hygienist provides a detailed, written analysis of the best method for curing the mold/moisture problem. Do you need your locks rekeyed for your property preservation projects? We can help you out with all your door lock needs for your real estate property.     We can replace locks and secure your property easily with our one stop service. We do it all by changing or rekeying locks, trashout the property, handyman repair as needed and upkeep your landscaping. We can get a home foreclosure secured by boarding up property or re-keying locks for your site. 
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