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Cascade Builder Services is a third party, new construction, warranty management company serving Seattle, Tacoma and all surrounding areas. We administer the builder's one-year limited warranty after closing, conduct new home orientations and provide quality assurance inspections for builders and developers (more details here). With over 10 years experience in the industry, we ensure exceptional customer service using innovative procedures and technology. Our commitment, dedication and knowledge provide unrivaled value to everyone involved: Builders, Developers, Homeowners and Trade Contractors.

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    Warranty Management - CBS and our qualified staff can manage your “Builders One- Year Warranty“. It will give your Customer comfort knowing you are dedicated to their satisfaction after they have their keys. It will help diffuse the stress of on site staff being tugged into homes for countless annoying non-warranty requests. 60-day and 11-month warranty visits to review claim requests. We appoint a warranty rep to get familiar with you and your product being an extension of your family with out the cost of direct personnel. Frees up time for internal staff answering phone calls and repeat questions. 24-hour Emergency Hotline. Written professional Service Orders and Warranty Determination Letters. Timely warranty call back. Streamline reporting to keep you as up to date as you wish to be. Sub-contractor accountability. Third Party Assurance that all parties are abiding by the terms and conditions of The Builders One-Year Warranty. Web access to Homeowners Warranty Request’s Files and Reports. Web access for homeowners to make warranty claims. A clear and defined warranty process. Single source of contact for everyone involved with the warranty process. Construction Completion Verification - CBS verifies that your newly constructed home/condo/unit is complete and meets or exceeds your quality standards.Identify incomplete, broken, missing, or otherwise damaged areas. Confirm operation of all appliances, doors, and windows, locks, plumbing fixtures, electrical sockets, and other systems and or mechanisms. Verify applicable operator/user manuals are present. If applicable, CBS can also compare the construction of your homes or units for uniformity through out the project and or organization. CBS will provide you with a comprehensive punch list and tag the locations.   Construction Completion Verification Follow-Up - CBS returns to your home/condo/unit to: Confirm satisfactory completion of trade work noted on the punch list. Verify the product is clean and ready for The New Home Orientation. Report back any incomplete or unsatisfactory repairs.   New Home Orientation - CBS teaches your homebuyer(s) about being a homeowner and receives input about the quality of construction. At The New Home Orientation CBS will: Explain to your buyer who we are and the benefit of their quality builder contracting a third party to perform The New Home Orientation. Instruct your buyer/homeowner about normal routine maintenance and that they have the responsibility to provide it. Describe warranty policies and procedures along with brief examples of common warrantable and non-warrantable claims. Reassure the buyer they have made a good decision to buy from you as a Quality Home Builder. Tour your buyer through the home pointing out: The operation of systems and features. Common maintenance needs. Location for emergency shut off’s - how and when to use them. Brief description of function and operation of sprinklers and alarms. Specialty cleaning needs. Benefits of having gone with this builder! Item’s that carry a warranty with the manufacture directly. Unique products or materials they may not be familiar with. Assist your buyer with: Setting up programmable thermostats. Basic understanding of and programming/set up of The Whole House Fan. Writing a supply list for the first trip to the hardware store. Furnace filter size and location. A general understanding of Construction practices and guidelines. Documenting deficiencies for the buyer - The punch list to identify items found as broken, missing, damaged, not as specified, and or not meeting an industry standard. Tagging locations of deficiencies numbered to match the punch list to ease the burden of the builder/trade identifying the exact concern. Explain to the Homebuyer what to expect as far as completion of listed items and what The Builders obligation is. Achieve a Homebuyer signed acceptance of the property subject to Documented Deficiencies. Assess and report the overall perceived level of The Buyers satisfaction. “Developers can use this service for Building Delivery and we can incorporate building tours and point out key factors of living in a multi family dwelling.”    Orientation Follow-up - Is where CBS revisits the home with the buyer to confirm satisfactory repair of reported deficiencies. CBS and the Buyer review the original list of Documented Deficiencies to verify all items are completed. CBS addresses questions or concerns of the Homebuyer. The Final Acknowledgment of Acceptability is signed by the Homeowner.




Cascade Builder Services is a third party, new construction, warranty management company serving Seattle, Tacoma and all surrounding areas. We administer the builder's one-year limited warranty.