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Our mission is to concentrate all the years of our accumulated experience in the real estate industry to help as many families as we possibly can. We want to help them ease and avoid the nightmare of foreclosure. We want to prevent them being left with residual debts even after having lost their equity, their home and worst of all, their dignity. As horrifying as it seems, this is a reality that is staring at more than a million families in the United States today. The recent sub-prime mortgage crisis has sparked a chain reaction that has forced interest rates up and property prices down. Many good and honest people who had realized their dream to own their own home have seen their dream become a nightmare. They face the prospect of the mortgage banks foreclosing on their mortgage, repossessing their home and selling it for whatever they can to recover their money.



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1.4 Million Homeowners will loose their homes to foreclosure this year, creating a combined loss of $316 Billion. Taylor One is working hand in hand with lender and banks Nationwide in an effort to keep homeowners in the homes. Through our relationships we've built with these financial institutions , we are able to assist their clients who are referred to us daily. Our goal is to provide our clients with expert hands on service. Taylor One is fully staffed with Real Estate Professionals, Attorneys and Certified Mortgage Counselors. We welcome the opportunity to help you take back control of your mortgage future!


Taylor1 – Our short sale guidance and assistance

Our mission at Taylor1 is to take victims of the current property slump under our wing and to help and guide them through the short sale process. We approach your mortgage bank on your behalf asking that they take into account the financial hardship that your family is going through. We help you to prepare the necessary paperwork with your application to write off part of your debt. The bank’s agreement is always based on the sole condition that the property can be sold off at a discounted price to avoid the necessity of foreclosure. This paperwork will include information relevant to your financial situation, your earning capacity, and your assets. We have been working with mortgage banks since our company was formed, and have established a relationship of trust and mutual cooperation with all of them over the years. They know that we know our business and if we take on a case then it is one where a family’s statement of affairs is genuine. The banks respect that our appraisal of the property is always very accurate, reflecting its current market value. This will be negotiated so that the portion of the debt that we will be asking them to write off on your behalf is reasonable.

Taylor1 Inc – Leading Experts In Pre-Foreclosure: Loan Modifications, Forbearance, Bailout Assistance, Mortgage Loan Review, H.O.P.E (assistance) and Short Sales.