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Hard work, honesty and integrity. This is what my customer's say about me. Coming from the Midwest, I bring a good ole' fashion work ethic to my customers, which in these days can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.  

I have held my license since 2006 and I've spent the last 3 years as an Agent Owner with EXP Realty. I've been focusing on my production and also building a group of amazing agents. Building agents allows me to earn referral fees each month. This has been an amazing way to earn an extra lucrative income stream. I am looking for leaders in the industry to build our team across the Country, the UK, Austtralia and Canada.  We currently have 400+ agents in our group and offer lots of value outside of what every EXP agent owner gets. We have about 20 coaches in our group with a vast amounto of experience including our own private coaches that give their time to us. We have coaches that specialize in REO's, Commercial, Investments, Social Media, KV Core which is our CRM on steroids, and we just recently added a Tony Robins Certified Life Coach! If you or anyone you know would like to talk I welcome the Opportunity. 

EXP is an absolute game changer in terms of being an advocate for the agent, amazing tools and technology and a supportive collaborative work enviornment.  



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Once upon a time, it may have been easy to work in Real Estate without furthing ones education or only taking the minimum amount of courses to maintain a license.

As a professional, I have never had that mindset. The business of real estate is constantly evolving and when you speak with me you will immediately notice the difference between an agent that has an interest in you and is purposeful in the journey verses an agent that is simply there to earn a paycheck.

I have invested countless hours to further my education to ensure that I represent my clients and give them sound advice based on my knowledge and experience. To learn more about my experience in Short Sales, Bank Owned Properties & Probate please contact me! 


Please send me an email at or you can call or text 951-315-3201. 



CHANGING AGENTS LIVES....Not only do I sell real estate but at eXp Realty I discuss the amazing opportunity we have as agents with this company. Because eXp is owned by the agents we earn more money doing exactly the same thing. It doesn't evern matter if you are at a 100% Brokerage....that's why eXp Realty is the fastest growing Brokerage in history....

If you want to be a part of this amazing organization or want to learn more please call or text me at 951-315-3201 and I'll send you a quick video . 


We are productive agents but have figured out the balancing act. We have the good fortune of traveling & sharing our story with agents that seek financial security & freedom.