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IOWA EQUITY EXCHANGE meets the needs of investors and business owners who desire to defer capital gain taxes on real estate transactions involving property held for investment or used in a business. We provide Qualified Intermediary services for tax-deferred exchanges throughout the United States. All exchange structures are supported and available through Iowa Equity Exchange: delayed exchanges, reverse exchanges, improvement/construction exchanges, business asset exchanges, and parking exchanges.

Ken Tharp established Iowa Equity Exchange to serve investors of all levels of expertise and experience. He has been a real estate investor himself since 1979. During the past thirty-plus years, Ken has been involved in virtually all areas of real estate – including sales, new construction, property management, and extensive renovations. After personal experience in a number of §1031 tax-deferred exchanges, it became a passion to expose this invaluable process to as many others as possible—thus was born Iowa Equity Exchange.

At Iowa Equity Exchange, our commitment is to provide investors, business owners, and real estate professionals with the highest level of expertise. Security is available for every dollar of your funds while they are held in trust. We pledge to maintain the integrity of every exchange.

A “Qualified Intermediary” has the very specific role of guiding the investor through a §1031 exchange. We inform the exchanger of exchange requirements, produce the necessary exchange documents, provide the critical time monitoring procedures required, and manage the investor’s funds while in our possession. We are not engaged in the practice of law or accounting; we urge all clients to discuss the matter of exchanging with their trusted advisers. We will be happy to join in those discussions if desired by the parties.

If you are interested in learning more about Section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, there is a lot of information on our web site,


Our Mission Statement: Iowa Equity Exchange exists to provide Qualified Intermediary services, but to do so with the utmost of integrity in our actions, precision in our documentation, and security for our clients’ funds.

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Iowa Equity Exchange Is a proud member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, the only trade association dedicated to the representation of professionals who conduct like-kind exchanges under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Members of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators must read and agree to abide by a rigorous Code of Ethics that can be found at the association's web site, 

In addition to the FEA, Ken Tharp is a member of the Iowa Commercial Real Estate Association, the Two Rivers Real Estate Investors Association, the Associated General Contractors of Iowa, the Iowa Land Improvement Contractors Association, the Omaha Real Estate Investors Association, and the Quad Cities Rental Property Association. Ken speaks frequently to real estate investor associations, real estate company meetings, various Boards of REALTORS®, CPA groups,  and a variety of other organizations.

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Iowa Equity Exchange is a nationwide, trusted provider of Qualified Intermediary services for all types of Section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges. Free consultation about potential exchange transactions.