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Real Estate Blogsites provides a business blogging platform for real estate professionals. Our technology allows agents and brokers to make online personal connections with buyers and sellers.

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Real Estate Blogsites provides a business blogging platform designed specifically for Realtors.  The REB platform is machine language optimized to help your targeted message gain visibility in the organic search results.  We get your expert message found so that you can convert on-line real estate leads into buyers and sellers!

Our platform is built with the most up-to-date technologies utilizing the concepts designed for a sustainable presence on the internet.  It is completely adaptable and supports all forms of media syndication including RSS and Atom. The REB technology architects and engineers are continually working to stay ahead of the curve in this new and emerging information model that is experiencing adoption rates in excess of 30% per year.

With 80% of real estate buyers and sellers now starting their home search online - you can't afford to ignore the dawn of Real Estate 2.0!

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-  Automated pinging
-  Topic Cloud and keyword tagging
-  Unique URLs and RSS feeds for every channel, post and briefing within your site
-  Multiple blog channels
-  Syndicated Guest Web Logs
-  Integrated briefings and intelligence channels bringing Google results to you
-  Extensive statistics reporting
-  Quality Assurance
-  An easy-to-use blog editor
-  Targeted real estate blogging advice and support
-  Ability to utilize a domain of your choice
-  Site design customization
-  Audio podcast integration
-  Blog feed conversion from Blogger, Typepad and others