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Free Foreclosure Consultations 30 60 90 late payments I am now doing loan modifications I can help....

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The reason buyers deal with me is that I give a more personal touch, I treat people well. Nobody wants a stressful enviorment when purchasing a home. What sets me apart from other loan officers is that you are important to me. People are not a number they are my clients for life. "Smooth Transactions Smooth Service.." 


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My area of expertise is very vast I specialize in commercial real estate ,credit repair these below is also what I am capable of doing to help you. Purchase a Home Refinance Consolidate Outstanding Debt Consolidate Your First and Second Mortgage Cash Out Refinance Damaged Credit Mortgage Investment Properties Second Homes No Documentation Mortgage Foreign National Program Mortgage I have become certified By United First Financial as an Independent Agent for the Money Merge Account. Ask me bout it?