Laurie Calhoun, Seminole County FL Home Stager (Gloria Home Staging, Inc.)
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Gloria Home Staging changes lived-in homes into homes that appeal to buyers, so they sell faster, for more. We want selling your house to be as easy as it can be, and we love making things beautiful!

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Our goal at Gloria Home Staging, Inc. is to come alongside homeowners and realtors to make their homes quick to sell and beautiful to live in. We are eager to use our knowledge, resources, and creativity to present homes at their best, so that they will be appealing and exciting to prospective buyers. We are also committed to helping find ways to make the home-marketing process more organized and less stressful for homeowners and real estate professionals.

Laurie Calhoun's Blog Posts


We take the ordinary and make it special...

We take the unattractive and make it beautiful...

We take the out of style and bring it up to date...

We take what's chaotic and make it serene and lovely.



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