Laura Cerrano (Feng Shui Manhattan NY)

8th ave

Manhattan New York City , NY 10018

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Manhattan New York Feng Shui Consultant since 2000. Provides Feng Shui consultations for New York City, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island. Consults for Homes, businesses & more.

Get to know Laura Cerrano

Feng Shui Manhattan was established in 2000 by New York City & Long Island Feng Shui Consultant Laura Cerrano. Laura is also the Co-Founder of Feng Shui Long Island, founded by Carole Provenzale in 1997. Laura recived her training and certification from the Feng Shui Long Island School in New York and studied Shamanism in Sedona, Arizona with Native Americans.  Laura is also a New York State Board Certified Art Education teacher & Fine Artist through SUNY New Paltz and Certified Personal Trainer.  

Feng Shui Manhattan is a professional art re-design Company that provides personalized and affordable Feng Shui consultations for Homes, Businesses, Corporations, Offices, Retail, Schools, New Construction and Reconstruction. Laura utilizes several methods of Feng Shui when consulting, they include Black Sect, Form, Western and the Bauga.  All consultations include teaching you about Feng Shui Principles, how to arrange and balance the Five Elements in your space and how to use the Bagua.  You also participate in the Interior and Exterior Space clearing Ceremonies.  Color consults & unlimited follow-ups via phone and email are provided at no extra charge.  Long Distanced Feng Shui consultations over the phone are available for individuals located outside of the New York Area. 





Feng shui Ceremonies and Space Clearings, recommended for New Home ownes, renters and individuals looking to sell a home (home staging collaboration) Custom Designed home & office Feng Shui Art work At home & in the gym Certified Personal Training Sessions utilizing Feng Shui Principles Feng Shui Furniture Cleansing and Cleaning Service Feng Shui Parties Feng Shui Workshops and Lectures for general Feng Shui discussions or specific Topics that cater to your needs