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I have networked with thousands of real estate professionals across the country...realtors, agents, brokers, loan officers, appraisers, contractors...Ladies and Gents, it's crunch time!  Are you going to make it? 

The reality is many have given up on making any money in the current market and are just walking away from their licenses.  Which is an unfortunate truth. 

Those who ARE able to keep their doors open have diversified their business.  What do I mean by diversify?   They have added another "tool" to their "tool belt",  by adding short sales or REO purchases to their service.  The savy real estate professionals have had to create business for themselves by becoming educated on other acquisition strategies.  THAT is who is going to survive this market.

We have assisted hundreds of real estate professionals to diversify their business and supplement their income on (average $10K monthly) to bridge the gap and keeping their license hanging on the wall.   

If you are interested in learning more, contact   me directly:  DeWana L. Hale  (916) 410-8044.



Excerpt from article by Suze Orman:

"Struggling to remember defines so much of our lives-birthdays, dentist appointments, turning off the stove, where we put the keys, when the dry cleaning will be ready, what time the children need to be picked up-the rituals and obligations of everyday life. Find yourself with a money problem, on the other hand, and just try to forget it. You can't. It will be with you day in, day out-at the movies, when you're trying to sleep, always there, never far from center stage of your consciousness. The fear is, very likely, too all-consuming to talk about, powerful enough to keep you silent, too big to take action against."

With the current state of the real estate market being feast or famine in many areas of the problems and fear mask the face of many real estate professionals.  Does your money problem keep you up at night?  If you are a real estate professional that is looking for another tool for your tool belt...if you want to make money whether the market up or down, NOW and in the FUTURE...if you are in that valley of FEAR...TAKE ACTION! 

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We are a real estate firm specializing in diversified acquisition strategies for R.E. Investors across the U.S. Our techniques & education has earned R.E. Professionals an additional $10K per month.