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Get to know Lillie Handy Dominguez

Retired engineer passionate about real estate globally and helping You sell or buy a home, property or investment. My goal is to make sure You reach your ultimate goal in the buying or selling of real estate, that you receive excellent service, frequent communication and experience a smooth and positive transaction. I speak English and Spanish.


As a retired electrical engineer, I bring product marketing and managing expertise necssary to manage the sale of your real estate and develop new business with buyers globally.


I'm a REALTOR with Keller Williams Realty RGV in McAllen, TX since January 2013 and have been licensed in Oregon since December 2000. 


My Purpose:

Bridge the gap between sellers and buyers globally and create a Win-Win for both and all others involved. It's exciting and rewarding to say "Congratulations, IT'S SOLD" to Sellers and "Congratulations IT's All YOURS" to Buyers. 

I look forward to TEAMing up with you, listening to you and being with you every step of the real estate process. 


My Expertise: 

Managing, Negotiating, Attention to Detail, Marketing, Technology, Residential, Rental & Commercial properties, Investing, Owner Financing, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Finding Solutions, Staying on Task, Get it SOLD!


Personal Goals:

- Live healthy and Happily Ever After with God as my Father, with a Christian Man as my husband, have fun with family, friend, animals, travel, scuba dive, dance, do adventurous activities around the world, participate on mission trips, be financially independent and capable of helping others in need, teach others what I've learn, continue investing in real estate and live off of the income it generates and the profit sharing I receive from helping Keller Williams Realty grow its market center. I also want to meet people around the world and learn about them & their cultures.

-- Own 20 - 30 Properties in 10 years.

-- To Help the Elderly by Painting their homes and develop nationwide awareness. 

--God 1st, Family, then Business. Follow God's Way!



Texas Real Estate License,

Oregon Real Estate License-inactive


Short Sales, Foreclosures, 


One of my expertise is helping homeowners prevent foreclosure educating them about the process to sell their home and have me negotiate with the bank to accept less than the balance due..  Providing solutions and options to homeowners real estate problems is a passion.  I love to find solutions and think Out of the Box.  Everything has a solution, may or may not be what we want but what we need.

I also enjoy helping experienced buyers & 1st time home buyer; providing them with options to purchase a home either with an FHA, VA, conventiona, new construction loans, new business loans and other government loans.  Another is starting with an owner financed property and preparing them to improve their credit in order to finance their home in 3 to 5 years.


Communicating, negotiating, marketing, technology, educating about real estate purchases or sales, people skills, listening & learning.

Testimonials for Lillie Handy Dominguez

  • Brianna Westerman

    The possibility of foreclosure was the last thing on Brianna Westerman's mind when she bought her first home in April 2006. Westerman, now 26, knew $1,700 monthly payments on the two bedroom, one bath home in Southwest Grants Pass were steep. But working two jobs - one of them delivering newspapers for the Daily Courier -provided enough income for her to qualify for two home loans, a first and a second totaling $187,000."It was within my means for the first year, but there was going to be a balloon payment due that was about four times the regular payment," Westerman said. "It was like an incentive to refinance." Then, Westerman lost one of her jobs, and the income from delivering newspapers wasn't enough for Westerman to afford her home. She invited friends to become housemates until they moved into a home of their own. When they moved out, Westerman was out of options. The mortgage company sent a notice stating she was a month late on her payment. "That's when I called Lillie," she said, referring to Lillie Dominguez, a consultant and broker with Keller Williams Realty in Grants Pass. When Westerman called Dominguez last summer, the broker counseled her to put her house on the market. "We priced it at $170,000, which was low for what she owed, but we weren't getting any activity," Dominguez remembered. Once a month after that, they lowered the asking price. Finally, when the house dropped to $150,000, Westerman got an offer, but it was really low. By December, when the asking price had dropped to $140,000, a buyer offered $130,000 for Westerman's house. "It took the lender at least a month to respond," Dominguez said. "They didn't like the offer, and I talked to (Westerman) to see if she would carry a promissory note for $10,000. She agreed, and (the mortgage company) finally accepted." Dominguez noted it was helpful that both Westerman's first and second loans were with the same mortgage company, Texas-based Litton Loan Servicing. Thanks to Dominguez's negotiating skills, she was able to arrange the new $10,000 loan for Westerman at no interest for 15 years, which put the payment at an affordable $55 per month. Dominguez also talked the mortgage company into paying Westerman $1,500 - an incentive the company had offered Westerman if she sold the house herself. Dominguez ended up making a 4 percent commission on the sale instead of the 6 percent she might have earned acting as agent for both the seller and buyer. "She did her best," said Westerman, who now lives with her brother and his fiancée. Wiser from her experience, Westerman said she might have looked around longer for a less expensive home if she had it to do over again. But she's glad she was proactive in saving her credit and would recommend to anyone going through a similar process to find help as soon as possible. "I had a friend who went through a foreclosure," Westerman said. "She just waited until they asked her to move out. She was really mad about it, so she didn't try to sell (her home). She walked away owing a lot more than I do."

  • "Troy & Tina Woodrum"

    We called Lillie's newspaper ad "I Buy Houses" and we then talked about being in foreclosure. We were skeptical but after several discussions we decided to list it with hopes that it would sell before the auction date. Lillie priced it low enough to generate offers and we got 4 offers in 1 week. We didn't believe she could stop it but we were out of options. She & Ric Magatelli were persistent and stuck with it even when we didn't. Not even our Church believed it would stop the foreclosure. It was a MIRACLE! As soon as Lillie Dominguez listed the property we were blessed to find another family to rent us. We are so grateful that we called Lillie to help us and that she & Ric Stopped the Foreclosure for us.

  • "Clifford & Susie Hadley"

    We saw Lillie Dominguez's "Stop Foreclosure" Ad in the Daily Courier. We called her and she came to our home and listed the property for sale for alot less than we owed. We were not in foreclosure and wanted a solution to safe our credit. We had tried everything to work it out with the Lender but nothing worked and they treated us disrespectfully. Lillie got 2 offers within the first couple of days. We accepted both, but one was better than the other. From that day on, we started looking for a place to rent & providing Lillie with any information she needed which was alot. We stayed in regular contact and several times we thought it was over, but she hung on and persisted. The lender wanted us to pay $85,000 in a deficiency judgment but we couldn't. Lillie negotiated them down to $25,000 which we could now afford to pay within 15 years. The Lenders got the Buyer's $90,000 cash and will get $25,000 from us. This was alot better than we expected. We had given up. If Lillie had negotiated this, the Lender threatened to come after us for at least 20 years for the $84,000 and then attorney's fee, penalties, interest, etc. Thank you, Lillie for helping us save our credit and stopping the foreclosure. After 3 months, the bank contacted me to let me know that the $25,000 carry-back note had been written off and for the Borrower to stop making payments. This was due to the new Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 . This was their primary residence, therefore, The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 includes the cancellation of the complete debt and no deficiency is allowed.

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