Elizabeth "Lisa" Bender (RE/MAX of Ocean City)

3301 Bay Ave.

Ocean City , NJ 08226

My business is to provide pertinent real estate and community information to those interested in living or investing in the Ocean City, NJ area including neighboring shore and mainland communities.

Get to know Elizabeth "Lisa" Bender

My Business Philosophy:

Building Relationships.  Realizing Dreams.

This slogan embodies what my real estate business means to me.  It represents what I want my clients to achieve through working with me. 

Ultimately, the goal of a real estate transaction is to buy or sell a property, but it is my desire to make the process an enriching one where clients can feel free to express their personal goals, explain the features they desire in a home or their goals for selling a home, ask questions, brainstorm ideas, talk openly about properties, and understand that I am someone they can truly trust. 

Through relationship building, clients enable me to help them, ultimately making their dreams

My Business Strategies: 

Attention to Detail

Really Listening to Clients Needs and Wants

Quick Response Time

Thorough Research and Analysis, therefore Knowledge

Excellent Negotiation Skills

Communication - Easy to Reach

My Background:

Spending summers in Ocean City inspired me to get my Master's Degree in Oceanography.  Through my research , analyzing data became second nature to me.  In my opinion, data analysis is one of the most important aspects of the real estate industry, used daily to determine asking prices and negotiating great offers. 

My proficiency in computer technology, graphic design, writing and photography make listings stand out!

I pride myself on being professional and personable to quickly build rapport with buyers, sellers, and agents.

How did I get from Oceanography to Real Estate?  Well, I also have a background in sales and environmental research and thought I could combine the two with my love of working with and helping people through a career in real estate.

In my position, I am able to truly have an impact on people's lives.  If in the process of selling real estate, I can assist people with making choices that will improve the state of our environment, I have achieved true success.  I really do enjoy researching properties; preparing, presenting, and marketing listings; and being a liasion from contract to closing.  It is a thrill to bring parties together for each to achieve happiness.

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Let me help you find a home! 

In my experience as a real estate professional, I have helped first time homebuyers find that perfect place, assisted investors in analyzing their position to purchase a profitable investment property, and brought families and their dream vacation homes together at last.  Sellers rely on me to provide them with accurate market analyses in order to position their home to sell.  My sales and marketing skills place properties in the spotlight and entice qualified buyers to view homes. 

The geographical area where I serve lends itself to high-end properties whether beachfront, bayfront, having water views, or located in golf or executive communities.  This exposure has given me the ability to work with buyers and sellers in the luxury market, learning their needs, desires, and concerns. 

The boom of new construction in my area has altered the market by revealing to buyers at all different levels the newest trends in home design.  This revelation to buyers has created greater expectations placing higher importance on staging or preparing homes for sale.  Homes where sellers do not want to do the upgrades provide great opportunities for first time homebuyers or investors who are willing to put the time and energy into updating the home. 

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