Lisa Marie Thomas (Prudential)

2735 e. Parley's Way ste203

Salt Lake , UT 84109

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I bring 10 years of experience to the table, and that equals knowledge and expertise. Add that to my other qualifications and you will be very pleased with the results!

Get to know Lisa Marie Thomas

First and foremost  a buyer or seller would want to work with me because I LOVE what I do.  Selling REAL ESTATE gives me the opportunity to help others make their goal of owning their own home HAPPEN.  It really is a great experience for everyone.  I have been working in the REAL ESTATE industry for about 10 years, and as I like to say "I am available 24/7/365."  With my knowledge and enthusiam I help each home buyer and or seller negotiate the best deal possible for them.  Buying and selling a home are huge milestones in peoples lives and I realize the importance to that.  I am not a "pushy agent" but i have been known to go up against another bid and come out victorius!  Bottom line i will do what it takes to help you make your home buying/selling experience the best it can be.  I also try to think "out of the box" and look at every angle to help my clients.  I do believe that I build a strong relationship with everyone I work with and that is evident everytime that I get a call where someone has referred me to them or my previous clients need help with new REAL ESTATE endeavors.

My certifications and qualifications are strong.  I was raised in Salt Lake and the surrounding area.  "This is the Place" to live.  I have a college degree from the University of Utah.  I have a strong belief in contuining education and have acheived my ABR, and GRI designations.  I am currently working on getting my Brokers license.

I enjoy meeting people and I think that people feel very comfortable working with me. I am pleasant and friendly.   I am very honest and I have a high standard of integrity.

Lisa Marie Thomas's Blog Posts


I don't like to limit myself to one area.  As a result, i have worked successfully with first time home buyers.  I have been one myself.  I am very patient and informitive in every step of the process.  I have also helped many investors over and over, and over get the picture. The Market for single women is very strong and I can relate to this group.  I also, enjoy helping single men that is self explainatory. I also have clients as partners.  I have helped many families with estate sales and I underestand the needs associated with this type of transaction.  I know that relocating to Utah is creates a special niche and I have had clients that have moved  here from many other places in the U.S.  Sadly, I have also helped clients move out of Utah ie. selling their homes and helping themfind an agent to work with them at  their new destinations.  I allso  enjoy helping empty-nesters with their special needs.

As I have stated before I have almost 10 years of full time REAL ESTATE experience that I bring to the table.  And what I don't know I will find out.  I am not afraid of a challenge!!!!