Kary Aycock (Little City Properties (Broker + Principal))

902 East 5th Street #208

Austin , TX 78702

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We combine a real estate brokerage with real estate investing. We're a traditional full-service brokerage as well as a builder and re-builder. Central Austin is our home office and primary market.

Get to know Kary Aycock

Real. Local. Simple.

As local investors and developers, we have highly specialized knowledge of the central Austin real estate market, and we're happy to share. Our brokerage services include representation for both buyers and sellers, including fellow investors and developers. Expert marketing and savvy negotiation are our greatest strengths.

We have a passion for modern design with a green sensibility. We have a strong preference for urban infill and smart, dense development within the city core. 

Simplicity is part of our mantra for a reason; real estate transactions don't have to be dramatic if you work with people experienced enough to be a local guide, not an alarm bell.
As investors, we've seen more complicated transactions than most agents or even brokers ever have. We often buy properties from people in unusual situations (estates, pre-foreclosures, condemned property, etc.) - and we buy these complicated deals in 2 weeks or less, with cash and no commissions, fees, or contingencies. If we can maneuver in the world of high pressure, high stakes sales of our own, you can certainly trust us to handle your Austin real estate purchases and sales.

Associations: Texas Real Estate Broker, National and Texas Associations of Realtors, Austin Board of Realtors, Austin Real Estate Networking Club ('06 President, current member), Real Estate Investment Club of Austin


We specialize in central Austin, so our listings and sales typically range in price from 300,000 to 800,000. Central Austin homes tend to be under 3,000 square feet, although there are exceptions and we do work with some clients that buy and sell outside what's considered the central city, such as Westlake and Lake Austin properties.

Our marketing and transaction management services have a high-tech angle. Our sellers receive a personal website for their property offering and our transaction management software allows our staff to collaborate with clients on line, so if any of us are ever wondering at 2 in the morning if the survey was sent over to the title company yet, we can find out in a matter of seconds. We also post all the feedback from agents and potential buyers and any and all marketing materials for the sellers to access at anytime. Even though we're a small local office, we're definitely a brokerage planted firmly in the 21st century.

I'm always looking for like-minded people to collaborate with, business or otherwise. I find that connections always have a way of being helpful, often in unexpected ways, so please don't hesitate to contact me, even if it's just because we share similar interests and/or expertise.