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Real Estate Professional serving the DFW Metro committed to helping buyer and sellers down their home buying journey. My home staging background helps me to create a WOW factor with every property

Get to know Liz Carla

Several years ago a dear friend of me suggested I look into real estate as a career.

Me! Sell houses! I can't sell anything!!

Then I started thinking about it. I have always had a passion for real estate and home design (okay I confess I am an HGTV junkie!) Maybe I could do this. But wait isn't there like a ton of boring legal stuff and classes you have to take? Wasn't I too old to start all over (oh yeah, didn't Colonol Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame start his business at the ripe old age of 65-HOLD ON-I am not there yet!) Maybe I could do this after all. Well, I took the plunge and am having the time of my life.

I found an industry that takes my extensive background in client/relations and customer service, my love of people and a very strong work ethic (thanks to my Army Sargent Dad-YES SIR!) and marries them all together to create my perfect career.

I found out that real estate is not about selling, it's about people. It's about helping my clients through a stressful, confusing, harried and often baffling process and keeping everyone sane to the end.

I found that real estate is all about you-my client. What you want and what you need. From finding a competent honest lender to finding the perfect home in the best neighborhood to finding the perfect buyer for your home.

You CAN buy or sell a home - and I can help!!


I have always loved real estate and design so my evolution from home stager to real estate agent was a natural progression. My home staging background gives me the cutting edge when helping clients prepare their home for being on the market. My corporate background in client relations gives my business a very strong customer service influence. I love working with people and helping them solve problems. In today's slowing real estate market, my strong problem solving ability along with my customer relations expertise helps me put you-my client at the top! . My goal is to get their home sold quickly and for the highest price possible.

I am a member of Metrotex Association of Realtors.


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