Liz Clay, stage it, show it, sell it!  (Design2Sell Inc. )

1056 Pacific Blvd

Vancouver , BC V6Z 3A1

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How do your listings stand out from the others? Home staging gives properties the edge needed in today's market! We are based in Vancouver, BC; we have a huge warehouse of inventory.

Get to know Liz Clay


Each member of the Design2Sell team has a background in design and visual arts. We are all passionate about bringing a sense of creativity and style to every project we do. We are committed to the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction. D2S specializes in Home staging and redesign, but has other services including: Interior design and decorating,set design for movie and film, furnished rentals for property management, and event and party design.


We customize every project we do to suit the needs of our clients. At D2S, we have a full inventory of furniture, accessories, and art which we rent out at low, affordable prices making it budget friendly for the average seller. We also offer a Realtor affiliation program!

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