Lonnie Good (L. J. Good Real Estate)

33 Appleway Rd

Okanogan , WA 98840

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Get to know Lonnie Good

Born and lived all my life here in Washington State.  Although the majority of my years have been spent on the west side of the mountains, I recently moved to the dry side (east side of the Cascades).  I have opened up my office smack dab in the middle of the best Real Estate in the State.

I have an AA in Paralegal, which is very helpful in this contract laden industry.  I do not flinch. I have decided that I can list and sell properties for a 3% to 4% commission. In cases where the buyer uses me, when purchaseing property listed at 6% sales commission, I will include a portion of my commission toward their closing costs or apply it directly to the purchase price.

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My area really dictates to me that I know all facets of our local Real Estate Market.  I am just as comfortable with commercial as residential and I also buy and sell raw land.  I have dealt as much with Commercail as Residential.