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Why do you need a mortgage professional to help your business?  Well if you send your clients to the big bad banks (you know the ones) They will try and help them with thier mortgage products .  They may be perfect for your A clients they aren't for everyone.  If you send you clients to me, I can access 40 different lenders to get the best mortgage for them at the best rates.  Another reason to use me is because I work for you in the evenings and even on weekends.  Lastly I enjoy workng with people, I have a good sense of humour and I am really really really nice!!!!!!!!!


I have been an Mortgage Specialist for the past few years.  My Family and I have lived in the Calgary area for the last 10 years and my children have grown up here.  My husband and I also love the area there are so many things to do very close to the Calgary Area.  Also Calgarians have the best sense of humour that I have come across, it's nice to be in a city that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Before embarking on my career in Mortgages I was in Sales in the Calgary Area.  My background is Early Childhood Education and I was a preschool teacher for many years.  This life has been quite a ride so far


I work in an independant brokerage where I can access many lenders all at no fee to the client. Call me if you have any questions.