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Hi, I'm a Business Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Passionate and Inspired Maverick for the Hospitality Sector. Helping real estate, hotel, restaurant and bar owners create awe-inspiring results.

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Hey there, I'm Eric Valdivieso, and thank you for visiting this page site. 

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I became a Mortgage broker, just before mortgage meltdown. The real estate bubble burst, business dried up, home values went down and I couldn’t sell the investment properties I owned, so I used-up all of my savings to try and keep them afloat – but I lost them all to foreclosure anyway.

I had a nervous breakdown and went to the hospital on March 2, 2008, a day after my 32nd birthday. In just over a year later, I was completely broke.

I went back to restaurants and it saved me.

I loved my time serving people and making friends in the process.

I knew I needed that buzz again, to rebuild my life. It did.

Helping families and friends have a great time, celebrating holidays, birthdays and other events, made me feel so good.

I never looked at being a server as just a simple act of taking someone’s order. I felt my job was to improve morale. Both of my team – and my guests.

Improving people’s lives, helped me get mine back on track.

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I have over 25 years of sales and showmanship experience, including 5 years of film and theatre training and 9 years of table service, in high-paced and competitive environments.

I know what you need to do to create awe-inspiring service results, day after day, year after year, because I have been there – at the sharp end – in the trenches.

That knowledge and experience is available to you. Right now 

I will show you how to cultivate a deliberate and winning attitude towards customer service.

I will train your teams how to generate excellence at all times.

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