Christopher Lotte (Lottes of Leads)

Pickerington , OH 43147

Virtual Internet Marketing Assitant generating 10+ leads per day for real estate teams across the nation.

Get to know Christopher Lotte

A little about my background and what I am looking to do. I started off working for a real estate agent as their data entry / tech guy around 2001 while I was finishing up my bachelors degree in digital communication. My major had a strong focus on web programming and Internet marketing so I started messing around with his website and before I knew it, it started generating leads. I worked for him for 2 years and before I left he was getting around 20 leads per day from his website. I had finally graduated and needed to move on to bigger things, so I moved on to work for a team of real estate agents doing their web / Internet lead generation. I was with them for about a year and they were getting a good 30-40 leads per day by the time I left. I moved on to the brokerage level where I was generating leads for a brokerage of agents (around 15 agents / teams)... I was with them around 2 1/2 years, and at my peek I was generating around 60 leads per day. Working at the brokerage level became a lot more work than I was hoping because of all of the additional responsibilities I was given (maintaining the brokerages IT along with each individual agents computer needs). So I  decided to move back at the team level where if I find the right team leaders with the right team, my Internet leads can be very successful.

In addition to my team in Columbus, I also generate leads for a team in St Louis a team in Cleveland. I am now looking to expand nationally some more.

I had started a national lead company and the focus was looking for 1 individual agent per market to generate 60 leads per month for $300 per month ($5 per lead). The problem with that model was many agents just don't understand how to work Internet leads, and there is a lot of work involved with getting new agents. I don't do long term contracts, so if the agent didn't have any immediate success, they ended up leaving the program. Since the team model seems to work the best, I am focusing only on teams now. So I am looking to work for a total of 10 teams total (all in different markets). My team lead program consists of goal of 11 leads per day (333 leads per month) at $3 per lead. That should be enough leads to feed 2-4 buyers agents pretty nicely without overwhelming them. I am generating around 20-30 leads per month for my team here in Columbus, and there are only the equivilant of 4 full time agents on the team, and they are getting very overwhelmed. So now the team leaders are looking to add 2-3 new buyers agents to the team.

In addition to leads, I also provide Internet marketing for your listings. That's actually how I generate a bulk of my leads. 85% of home buyers use the Internet as a means for their home buying process, and I am very good at capturing many of those buyers. So in addition to the Internet leads, your listings will get more exposure and hopefully sell quicker, and your phone will ring more from my Internet marketing efforts  (which are leads that I can't track so are basically free leads)...

So that's my background and what I am looking to do in a nutshell. If you have a team of agents that are hungry and Internet savvy, you yourself are Internet savvy and have 20+ listings for me to work with, then I think I could greatly benefit your real estate business. I forgot to mention the quality of the leads. You will get a mix of quality with the leads. Here in Columbus about 25% of the leads are good leads where the agent contacted the person and has them in their pipeline. About 25% of the leads are bad information (bounced email, wrong number), and 50% are classified as unknown. They haven't gotten in contact with the person, but the email hasn't bounced, so they set them up on an automated home search and hopefully with those people are ready, they will contact our team.  A team working leads properly can see around a 3-5% closing rate from my style of Internet lead. So if you are receiving 333 leads per month, you could be getting as many as 10-16 closings per month from these leads. It takes some time to fill the pipeline to see those kinds of closings, but once the pipeline is filled, then closings should start pouring in... of course it only takes 2 closings to pay for 1 years worth of leads...


Christopher Lotte

Pickerington OH 43147



To be a virtual internet marketing assistant for 10 real estate teams in 10 different real estate markets, generating 10+ leads per day for that team and massively exposing their listings on the internet.

Summary of Qualifications

 • 5 ½ years experience in real estate industry with a focus on Internet lead generation

• Generated over 24,000 Internet lead from 2007-2008 for a single brokerage

• Trained real estate agents for Internet lead follow up

• Leadership experience managing 8 Marines in administration office

• Sales experience selling health club memberships

• Entrepreneurial minded with national real estate lead program, Lottes of Leads.

• Professional in appearance, communication and presentation

• Effective working alone or in a cooperative team environment

Employment History   Mar 2007 - Present Owner / Developer - Lottes of Leads -  National Real Estate Lead Program

Nov 2005 - May 2008 Technology Coordinator - RE/MAX Champions, Pickerington

Feb 2005 - October 2005 Real Estate Webmaster - The Devore Group, HER Real Living, Pickerington

Nov 2002 - Jan 2005 Internet Marketing Assistant - Dennis Hogg, RE/MAX Affiliates, Westerville

Feb 2001 - Oct 2001 Membership Sales - Bally Total Fitness, Columbus

Oct 1994 - Oct 2002 Personnel Administration - US Marine Corps Reserve, Dayton

Education   Franklin University, Columbus Ohio

Bachelor of Science, Digital Communication

May 2004

Skills   Microsoft Office, HTML, ASP, VBScript, PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, Internet, Adobe Photoshop, Windows XP, Window Vista,

Computer Hardware, Computer Networking, Tempo, Top Producer 7i