Lynn Bulmer (Ever's and Co Real Estate Inc)
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Get to know Lynn Bulmer

After receiving a BA from Southern Illinois University, and an MA and MBA from New York University, I began my career a grain trader for a New York commodities firm.  Later I branched into banking by working as a money market and bank securities trader, and eventually corporate lending officer.

After moving to Washington in 1983, I worked as an international business consultant doing market assessments and competitive product reviews for overseas clients from the Caribbean to the Middle and Far East.

The skills I developed from these experiences proved invaluable in my real estate career. Abilities such as making effective decisions under pressure, patience, good communication skills, and dealing diplomatically with people in stressful situations are constantly being put to the test.

Especially, in light of the current financial climate in the U.S., a good understanding of financial lending systems and the way banks do business has been helpful.


Service, Finance, Negotiation, Listening skills to help determine client needs.