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Licensed Mold Assessor, Licensed Mold Remediator,Licensed Home Inspector Certified Thermal Imager ,20+ years in the residential construction industry .Member in good standing of International Associ

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Certified InterNACHI Inspector 20+ years in residential and commercial contruction a member of the international brotherhood of carpenters, attended The School For Cooperative Education , I have never done anything else I have loved what I do. I consider having the honor of someone allowing me to Inspect thier home is a responsibilty I do not take lightly.
I realize that when one purchases a home they are more then likely filled with the hope that this is the one and there will be no problems, unfortunately this isnt the case nine times out of ten there is an issue that they did not  foresee that is dicovered by a qualified Inspector.But even a qualified inspector can not see what an InfraRed Camera can see.
This is the reason I have chosen to incooperate the use of a thermal image device into my inspections. It allows me to visually detect possible energy deficiencies as well as possible moisture intrusion (leaks)

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I am a certified Thermograpgher . I am able to read and analize thermal images from an infrared camera. This allows an even deeper view of possible energy deficiency such as lack of issulation in areas even areas that are alowwing the tranfer ofenergy ie. heat element to cold or vice versa(trying to heat or cool the outside of your home , not a very good idea)

Moisture Intrusion ( water leaks. roof,pipes even through cement elements may be seen detected by the different temperatures). I have been in the residential home business since I was a child and I continue to educate myself on the changes that occur in code as well as the latest innovations on the market for the repair and replacement of all the different aspects of the home.

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