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Realtor/Investor, with 8 personal Real Estate Purchases. 4 were Owner Contract. That meant No Bank Financing and fee for a loan.

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Grew up in Sacramento.  Attended Winterstein, Jonas Salk,and Encina High School.

I work very hard. at 1 time I delivered 3 paper routes before School.

 2 Sacramento Bee, 1 Sacramento Union.

After High school and an 8 Month Automotive School (UTI) in Pheonix Arizona I wanted more.

So I went into the Marines with the plan on saving money.

With that money I was going to invest in Real Estate and go to School.

I took some Real Estate courses, a little computer programming, guitar, bowling and Skiing.

It took a while to complete and get an AA degree.

I am looking for some more things to Tackle.

Do you have an idea you need Tackles?

I am ready to go.

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When I started to invest in Real Estate, I found out there are fees for so many things.

The biggest was the fees paid to get Bank Financing.

Plus a Leander may require repairs before they will close the loan.

If the Owner of a property did not owe any Bank (fre and clear), the owner could carry a Contract.

This saved Thousands on each purchase.

My first purchase was a Du-plex. I lived in one side, rented the other.

The one rent of  $450 covered my payment of $405 per month.

During the next 3 years I moved into a house, then a different house, then 1 more house.

As I moved I rented the one I lived in.

This was in Salem Oregon.

I came back to Sacramento in Dec 1998, bought 2 Condos, and some vacant land.

Now, you can seeI don't just sell Real Estate, I invest personally.

Lets Brainstorm and find yourself some Investment(s) today.

Michael R

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