Mark Sheehan, REALTOR Broker, Mark Sheehan, REALTOR Broker (Coldwell Banker Island Properties)
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Maui's natural resource realtor: finding clean land for farming, gardening, healthy living. Environmental activist 25 years; leader of food security and sustainability movement on Maui.

Get to know Mark Sheehan, REALTOR Broker

Haiku Springs, Mark's own Maui Land Preserve

Maui is America's health retreat.  Years ago I realized that everyone moves to Maui for a change in lifestyle and the single most important element of that change is health.  From 25 years of environmental activism, I have a unique perspective on where to live based on knowing wind and rain patterns, but also pesticides used during the plantation era.  My clients want to avoid drift from cane burning, pesticides and GMO farms! They are concerned about soil conditions, rainfall patterns, food security and community-supported agriculture. 

When I bought my property 20 years ago, I hired a Permaculture designer to lay out orchards, gardens and recreational areas.  Now, with every property I sell, I offer buyers a complementary design to get them started.  Another favorite starter present for clients is putting in a veggie garden.  

Ten years ago a wave of young visioneers launched their plan to replace sugar cane with a better grass-bamboo. I immediately built three different styles on my land.  They are beautiful and fitting for Maui's North Shore jungle environment. 

Personal past:  My first career was in education where I worked with leaders in alternative and innovative learning.  I was director of Pacific High School in Santa Cruz, CA in the later 60s when students built 17 geodesic domes, these students went on to write and publish the original Domebook.  I came to Hawaii in the early 70s to teach the Arica 40-Day Transformational trainings.  Renting schools and hotels got me interested in retreats which led me into real estate.  I still work with buyers interested in doing retreats.  This is a tricky area as state and county zoning laws limit what can be done. 

I served on the board of the Maui Open Space Trust for several years.  I love to work with conservation minded buyers who are interested in preserving these unique islands.

I have also been on the board of Maui Tomorrow for 15 years.  MT is the leading organization working to preserve Maui's Future.

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