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Residential real estate sales in San Diego County. Military veteran experienced buyer's agent and listing agent. Realty Source Inc. Call (619) 721-3321. At your service...

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Marvin de la Vega's job as a real estate salesman has taken such a turn in the past several years; still selling to this day in itself is testimony as many agents are no longer in the real estate industry due to natural attrition and lack of skills or service based approach. Being a trained loan officer operating primarily as a listing and buyer's agent, Marvin understands much more of the entire process than the average agent with no mortgage background. Lately his business has him busy with relocating military service members and veterans.

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As a REALTOR® and Broker Associate with Realty Source Inc, Marvin has been actively involved in residential real estate sales since 2003. Although he considers himself a relative newcomer to the industry, Marvin's experience reaches back to 1985 as an executive assistant in a family run real estate office. At the time realizing real estate hadn't been his calling, Marvin joined the US Navy attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander, recently retired. "Leaving the civilian world behind in the late 80's, I had no clue what service meant", Marvin says. In the Navy, Marvin served as an officer and helicopter pilot logging over 3300 hours in seven different aircraft, both helicopter and fixed wing. "The early years in my Naval career were focused on being a pilot where technical skill, quick decision making and fearlessness played an important role in training and flight mission completion. The military was such a great training ground for my career as a salesman; "Service" took on a whole new meaning since Marvin attests that no real estate company should exist without service as the main focus for being in business. In later tours of duty after many flight hours and promotion in rank, the obvious segue to positions of leadership was necessary in helping our commanding officers run their aviation squadrons." Marvin often likens his Naval service and flight experience to his real estate career. Clients are his countrymen, for which he still employs the Navy core values of "Honor, Courage and Commitment".

Marvin is a homeowner and investor, not just a real estate salesman. In fact, his second home purchase in 2002 is largely the reason for joining the real estate industry. "Without going into specifics, let's just say the agent that represented me when we bought our house did a lot of things "differently" than I do now. Essentially, at the end of our purchase I bought a great house in a great neighborhood for a great price, but the ENTIRE transaction had me feeling uneasy - that something wasn't always right. A large measure of service was missing. At the end of our purchase and after a lot of thought I declared, 'I can do that and much more, even better at that!'" Marvin became a loan officer in January 2003 prior to becoming a sales agent because he knew most agents start as buyer's agents. So what better way to serve buyers he thought, than as a loan officer first THEN as a sales agent. Marvin's military equivalent was learning to be a pilot first before becoming a Division Officer or Department Head. Call it cross training if you will, Marvin has a solid foundation in mortgage lending. 

Marvin is married and a father of two, living locally in old Chula Vista. "I love old homes, tree lined streets and hardwood floors", he says. "Even better, we know and love all of our neighbors, we really are blessed. We live in a neighborhood that feels like Mayberry or the set of "The Wonder Years" for TV buffs". Marvin is also an avid surfer and motorcycle rider, where you might see a comment or two about these in his blog. Feel free to call and interview Marvin, even "pre-interview" by reading his blog entries, you'll find a wealth of knowledge.

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