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We are an international real estate brokerage focusing on the premium segment.E&V operates in 36 countries and now offers limited franchise opportunities in California.

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The Engel & Völkers Vision

 We link together the aspirations of discerning individuals around the
world - be it in a private or business context - with total passion.

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In everything we do, we ensure the success of our company. For us, our mission statement is a binding promise.   We take a long term view in all of our dealings, strengthening the Engel & Völkers brand whilst taking care to ensure that customers all around the world enjoy the same brand experience. We value and cultivate our core values of expertise, exclusivity and passion. We are serious about meeting the requirements of our discerning customers, and offer a first class service. We attract the finest employees and help further their careers. We build a global network on behalf of our customers - and fill it with life. We are leading innovators in our field.

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1977 - Establishment of the company Engel & Cie. by Dirk C. Engel. Sale of American real estate to German clients in cooperation with Previews Inc. 1980 - Relocation of company to office at Elbchaussee 414, Hamburg. Specialization in the sale and rental of top-quality residential premises in suburbs of Hamburg. Membership in RDM, the professional organization of German real estate agents. 1981 - Christian Völkers becomes a partner and managing director of Engel & Cie. 1985 - Commencement of cooperation with Sotheby's International Realty (SIR). 1986 - Death of Dirk C. Engel. Company taken over by Christian Völkers. 1987 - Company name changed from Engel & Cie to Engel & Völkers GmbH. Company structure and areas of business remain unchanged. 1988 - Establishment of Grund Genug Verlag, a publishing house which issues the architecture and lifestyle magazine Grund Genug. Opening of a new office - Büro Alster - in Hamburg.Expansion of business in the residential properties division. Establishment of Engel & Völkers Gewerbe Immobilien GmbH (sale and rental of commercial property).Opening of the first office for residential property/holiday homes in the Tegernsee (Bavaria) and Holstein areas. 1989 - Opening of office in Bogenhausen, Munich.Opening of Majorca office in Spain. 1990 - Expansion of German network of offices:Opening of various offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf. 1991 - Consolidation of exclusive partnership with Sotheby's International Realty in Majorca. 1992 - Opening of offices in Leipzig and Dresden. 1994 - Opening of offices in Grünwald (Bavaria), Sachsenwald (Hamburg), Sylt and Bad Homburg (Hessen). 1995 - Opening of first Real Estate Shop in Bogenhausen, Munich, by the Engel & Völkers Group. 1996 - Consolidation of Shop Concept (transformation of existing offices into shops). Further real estate shops opened in Hamburg, Berlin and Majorca. Foundation of Engel & Völkers Real Estate Academy. 1998 - Licensing agreements concluded with several independent agents in the residential and commercial segments. Opening of various licensed offices with partners in the greater Hamburg area, Hanover, Bremen and Berlin. 1999 - Foundation of Engel & Völkers AG. 2000 - Opening of further offices in Majorca and South Africa. 2001 - Intergration of all activities of the Blumenauer Immobilien Holding GmbH in the Engel & Völkers AG Founding of Engel & Völkers Capital Services 2002 - Approx. 35 new licensees, for example in Italy, Portugal and England - including 4 master licenses 2003 - Commencement of cooperation with Christie's Great Estates, a subsidiary of the world's leading fine arts auction company. It includes the exclusive right of representation in Germany, Majorca, Costa del Sol and the Western regions of South Africa. End of cooperation with Sotheby's. 2004 - Opening of shops in Florida and Dubai/United Arab Emirates.Foundation of the division International Project Marketing. 2005 - Further expansion within Germany and Europe, first locations in Eastern Europe and South East Asia. 2006 - Opening of a branch office in Asia. Engel & Völkers obtains the official permit to expand in the US as a franchise business. 2007 - Opening of shops in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont.   2008 - Engel & Völkers obtains the official permit to expand into California.