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1956 Lower Roswell Rd

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Marietta , Ga 30068

We specialize in representing buyers and sellers in the North Metro Atlanta Area(Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Smyrna,Woodstock) We give you what matters most, value to our clients.

Get to know Matthew Maurer

I am the broker for New Choice Real Estate Inc. based in Marietta Ga.  I have been servicing buyers and sellers in the North Metro Atlanta area since 2003.  I was employed by Wells Fargo for 1 1/2 years before I obtained my real estate license so I have a good knowledge of the financing aspect of the business. I graduated w/ a BS in finance from Auburn University in 2002.

Looking to Sell your home?

Imagine a real estate company that is willing to take care of all aspects of selling a home without charging a traditionally high commission, and most importantly does not ask their clients to sacrifice quality marketing or customer service. New Choice Real Estate provides their clients with complete service and high quality marketing for a low set fee paid at closing.

Looking to Buy a home? 

A good buyer's agent, just like any business that provides a service should be honest, loyal and caring to their clients. Although those traits are a must here are a few others that are essential to being a good buyer's agent.  First and foremost the agent needs to be able to listen.  Not to push there clients into the car and push properties on them because the properties are convenient or most profitable.  Our licensed buyer specialists make sure we show properties that our clients are interested in and fit their needs.  Secondly an agent needs to be knowledgable about the areas his or her clients are looking.  Our agents are both knowledgable and experienced in all the areas we cover.  But if we do not have an anwser to a question our client seeks, we will tell them we do not know.  More importantly we will go back and find the answer. Which brings me to the final item a good buyers agent must do, keep whats in their client's best interest #1.

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We have helped clients buy and sell homes all over North Metro and Intown Atlanta in many different price ranges.  The New Choice Listing Program is really geared toward all price ranges as our goal is to provide value to our clients through a discount commission while maintaining outstanding service.  I have personal experience in real estate investments around Atlanta and also have several investors that I assist in there search for wealth through real estate.  Our programs work perfect for an investor as the bottom line is what is most important and our full service for a low set fee puts profit into the client's pocket.