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Edge Realty is a unique real estate firm that specializes in REO sale, loan modifications, and short sale negotiation.

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Learn what the banks don't want you to know about negotiating short sales and loan modifications. There must be a reason why since the inception of the HAFA program only approximately 11,000 distressed homeowners have applied nation wide. Out of the 11,000 applications on approximately 4,400 have closed nation wide.  With tens of thousands of distressed home owners in the country and with foreclosures at an all time high, why have only 4,400 been able to be completed nation wide?

It's not that it is difficult to get a HAFA short sale done, and it's not what you know about the process, it's who you know within the Banks and Servicing companies to get them pushed through. Most short sales and loan modifications are declined and end up in foreclosure, because thery were not completed in the time frame required.

Over the last three years, I have figured out an easy process that will help othes achieve greater success in negotiating short sales and loan modifications. This process not only deals with negotiatores, but lenders, title companies, real estate agents, in addition to the varrious institutions working in behalf of the banks.

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