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Matt Dollinger is the V.P. of Strategic Development with @properties in Chicago.  His role at the company encompasses many different areas including technology development, overseeing the in-house coaching department, and online business/branding.  Having worked for two of the major brokers in the Chicagoland market over the past 7 years, Matt brings the perspective of both a nationwide franchise and local independent brokerage to the table for his company and agents.

“It’s not necessarily a race to see who employs some new technology or tool first… it’s who implements it correctly and defines its purpose to benefit the business.  We will probably never be ‘the first’ brokerage to adopt a new strategy or throw ourselves an online outlet.  However, we pay close attention to our competitors, the industry and those leading the way in business today.  After close analysis and determining the end goal/benefits… that’s when we choose to move ahead.”

By working on both a management level with the company, yet still involving himself in the daily lives of the @properties agent population, Matt is able to assist in formulating solutions that are beneficial for all involved.  From a company perspective, Matt works on many technical projects including the @properties website ( UI development, client facing tools, SEO strategy and social media integration.  From an agent perspective Matt oversees their in-house coaching program, teaches their monthly “State of the Market” class, and training curriculum.

Matt has been asked to contribute his knowledge to many publications and speak at a number of conferences including;  Inman Connect, RE Bar Camp, Inman ReBoot, Real Estate Tech South (RETSO), Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, SPARKT Chicago, Illinois Association of Realtors (IAR), Chicago Association of Realtors (CAR), Young Professionals Network YPN, Chicago Young Professionals, Thrivent Financial Nation Conference, National Association of Realtors, CMLS, and Meeting Planners International.

In his free time he and his wife Amanda (@homepartner) enjoy skinny skiing and going to bullfights on acid J (name this movie for 10 + cool points).

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Simply put... because I have worked with some of the most successful, innovative and forward thinking Real Estate agents in the country, and have helped them focus on the following simple tasks.

Integration of Technologies Implementation of marketing campaigns Systemization of processes Emotional and Rational Branding Online Brand Analysis Overall agent differeniation

Another reason... because I get paid to search, research, and figure out what are the best practices that will help you with your business.  Whether brand new, or seasoned veteran, I think that I can help you bring your business to 2.0