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Michael Bates is a Dallas area realtor specializing in Dallas area properties. He works with all price ranges and is a pleasure to work with. Just CLICK THIS LINK to be convinced.

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Michael Bates is a Dallas Realtor who is one of the best sales people in the business. He is determined, hardworking and honest. People use Michael because of his good work ethic and personal touch. When you are a client of Michael Bates's, you are a client for life. He will help you along your way through the home-buying process and will continue to help you long afterwards, as long as you want or need him. Michael Bates is more than an agent, he is a life long friend.

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Those who know and have benefitted from Michael Bates' innovative business accumen call him the Turn-Around Guy.

From probematic listings to the family business, he is willing to go where other's won't to turn a desperate challenge into a profitable situation.  He intiutively understands trends, demographics and what today's customers most value.  He has an uncanny ability to recognize what is keeping a home from selling so that he can assist his client fix the problem to achieve the highest selling price the market will bear.

Michael's turn-around track record began with a car restoration business he founded during his teenage years in his hometown of Abilene. Purchasing automobiles even the mrchanics gave up on, he would meticulously rebiuld and rennovate each car with the features and parts most desired by buyers.  The end result was a financial win-win situation for Michael and the owner of each restored vehicle.

"I love embracing the problems and challenges of my customers," says Michael, who recently increased the sales price of a home by ten thousand dollars with a few minor cosmetic changes.  "The ability to realize what adds inherent value is the key to success in marketing real estate.  My hope is to improve the marketability of your home and translate that into dollars in you pocket."

Contributing to Michael's success in real estate sales are flawless customer service skills developed during a 12-year tenure in the hospitality industry with elite establishments including The Petroleum Club, and M-Crowd restaurants.  Graduating in 2003 from the University of North Texas he began his career into real estate setting sales records not achieved by most agents.

Michael's multi-faceted professional experience and meticulous care and utmost concern for the client is apparent in everything that he does.  He delivers the most comprehensive, innovative real estate service with superior results.

Please feel free to contact him via this website, or by calling 214-418-3443.

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