Michael Brewer, Sterling Commercial Finance LLC (Sterling Commercial Finance)

4745 West 136th Street

Leawood , KS 66224

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Office, Retail, Industrial and Mixed Use Hotels, Motels, Casinos and Golf Courses Medical Buildings, Marinas and Restaurants Gas Stations and Auto Mechanic Shops Raw Land, Development Projects Assisted Living, Storage Facilities and Student Housing In Ground Assets and Commodities Movie Productions and Record Labels 144a Corporate Bonds Apartment Complexes REO Portfolios and Fine Art Business Loans, Credit Lines and Working Capital Letters of Credit, Hard Money Loans Proof of Funds Debt and JV/Equity Financing Monetization of Hard Assets and Financial Instruments Bridge Loans







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1. Our Group of Companies we work with deliver true, verifiable assets (both owned and assigned), either in Traditional Loans, BG or LC or SBLC {Bank Guarantee, Letter of Credit or Standby Letter of Credit}2. Your compliance checks it3. We "pre-negotiate" the deal; based on what the client wants and what the lender wants4. We issue the draft contract (in word)5. We send you the draft contract (for approval), then we send to the client for approval6. We send the client (the "applicant" ) the contract7. We send you (the private lender, bank, or Trust) the signed contract (then you counter sign)8. We send / deliver/transfer the approved collateral or asset, then FUNDING.
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