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Michael Deery
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Get to Know Michael Deery

I was born and raised in beautiful Donegal along the Northen coast of Ireland. Growing up in Ireland I was raised amongst a family of entrepreneurs, I was also surrounded by the friendliest and most helpful people in the world. I have no doubt that this gave me a very positive outlook on life and helped me develop a spirit to one day serve the people and run my own business. My journey to America started in 1994 when I was offered a soccer scholarship to the University of San Diego. I studied business and psychology at USD, and upon graduating in 1999 I started out my mortgage career at Wells Fargo as a loan officer.

I have now been in the mortgage business now for 12 years and have funded over 1150 loans. My extensive mortgage experience has seen me serve as a Senior Account Executive at Wells Fargo and HSBC, and as a Senior Wholesale Mortgage Representative and an Underwriter at HSBC. Because of the great training and education I received at Wells Fargo and HSBC, I decided to open up my own mortgage company and founded Citywide Financial Corp in March 2004 on St Patricks Day, as I wanted to make sure I was blessed with some extra luck LOL. I love being in business for myself and I have a passion for helping people, and there is nothing more rewarding than helping people finance the home of their dreams.  


I am an expert mortgage planner who helps clients devise a mortgage plan that integrates into their short and long term financial goals, creating added safety, liquidity, leverage and wealth. The majority of my business is done in the home loan market of San Diego. Because of my extensive training and experience gained while working on the lender side as an underwriter in the past, this has definitely helped me develop my role as a mortgage expert in the San Diego community.

Never more than in today's marketplace, have buyers, homeowners and real estate agents needed the expert guidance of a mortgage professional who can guide them through this difficult market to help them achieve their financial goals. The foundation of my business is to develop long lasting relationships with my clients and business partners that will last a lifetime. It is my goal to use all my experience to make the mortgage process a seamless process for everyone involved, and to help everyone meet their financial goals. I have no doubt we will exceed everyones expectations.


I am an expert mortgage planner working in the San Diego area. I specialize in providing buyers, homeowners and Real Estate agents with the right answers & solutions to all their mortgage needs!