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1639 Route 10 Suite 202

Parsippany , NJ 07054

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Get to know Mickey Ballantine

As a Mortgage Planner for over 8 years, my strongest assets are the relationships I've established with my clients. Drawing on my experience and knowledge, I can offer customized Mortgage Loan advice and personalized service. I work closely with my clients to develop a strategy tailored to their needs. This ensures I have a thorough understanding of your objectives, and goals throughout the mortgage process. I contact my clients regularly to stay informed of their ever-changing needs. By developing disciplined mortgage options based on each client's goals, I offer successful strategies for today and years to come



I am committed to helping my clients realize the American Dream of home ownership. Whether my clients are searching for a new home or looking to refinance their existing mortgage to alleviate the pressures of credit card debt. I pledge to tailor the financing to fit their needs. By working personally with clients, I am able to determine the loan program that comfortably sits within their budget, and allows them to buy the most house they can afford.  I consider my customers "clients for life" and do everything possible to maintain that relationship.

I am fully license by the NMLS to provide all mortgage programs including FHA, USDA, VA, and 203k.