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Get to Know Mike Carsten

I'm almost a Tucson native, having been here for almost two decades.  My clients and friends will tell you that I'm reliable, consistent and upfront, both in my business and my personal life.  Some people draw a line between those two--business and personal--but I've found that life isn't compartmentalized.  What you see from me is what you'll get.

I've made it my mission to become a specialist in VA loans.  Tucson is home to the Davis Monthan Air Force Base, a critical part of our national defense system.  The veterans who are assigned to Tucson come from every corner of our nation, and while the Air Force does its best to help them fit in and make this their family's home during their assignment, it's local relationships that will make them part of our awesome community.  That's where I come in.

I'm your VA Loan Specialist in Tucson.


I completed my Paramedic Training fourteen years ago, in 1994.  Paramedics are trained to provide life support on a moment's notice.  It's when conditions are critical that the training kicks in, and that's what saves lives.

A lot has been written lately about the poor job (or worse) that some lending organizations and individuals have done for their clients in the subprime mess that has devastated many borrowers.  If your EMT or Paramedic approached their job the way that some of the bankers have approached lending, you would never call 911.

I'll treat your purchase loan and your situation with the same care that my 911 callers received from my team when they were in need.  It's why you'll want to do business with Mike Carsten.

Call me anytime.  My personal number is 520 404-7304.  If I can't take your call immediately, I'll call you back real quick.