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Do you want Peace of Mind... Guaranteed? TexInspec understands Your concerns and offers a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee, a FREE termite warranty and provides reports with color photos onsite. -Mike Crow

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TexInspec has been serving homebuyers since 1985 in Dallas County, Texas. We give you a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee and a FREE 90-day limited warranty on ALL Termite Inspections. Also you get a computerized report onsite with a color photo journal and a summary page. Plus, we stand behind everything we do.

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Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a have purchased many homes, whether you are an investor or are purchasing a home as your primary resident, TexInspec is ready to meet your needs. We specialize in Dallas County, Texas... and although our business address is in North Richland Hills, we are very happy to serve all of the cities, towns and counties of the MetroPlex.

TexInspec understands Your concerns and offers:

a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee Reports delivered onsite... with color photos of the home Free Termite Warranty

By the way... our company has been listed as a Platinum Provider at ethicalinspectors.com -- visit this site by going to http://www.ethicalinspectors.com/inspsearch.php?searchType=6&searchVal=arlington&companyname=&servicesoffered=&specialservices=&city=arlington&zipcode=&state=texas

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