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Get to Know Massimiliano Mlekus Cocchi

My name is Massimiliano, but you can call me Max.

I started my real estate career in Rome, Italy in 1987 with one of the most acclaimed and well know real estate firms, Toscano Immobiliare, where I specialized in the city's luxury market.  Working with Toscano Immobiliare I learned techniques and methods to become one of the most successful brokers in Rome.

What led me into real estate was my love of beauty and architecture, of house and home, and my love of Rome. Rome is a beautiful and special place to work as a real estate broker.  I have had the amazing opportunity to sell properties of the Spanish Square, Via Veneto, and Piazza Navona.  I love to sell Beauty, it is my passion. 

I came to Miami because of the seascape and the incredible views from just about anywhere your eyes land.   The beauty I have found here is one that compares in landscape to that of Rome's history and architecture.  So I will exchange the Spanish Square for North Bay Road, and Via Veneto with Fisher Island, and why not Piazza Navona with Venetian Causeway.

My greatest wish here is to find the same client-friends I left in Rome, having fun with them in the process of buying or selling a property, and to enjoy the Miami real estate experience with EWM, my new home away from home.





 If you are looking for a beautiful place to call home, love the beaches, restaurants, and nightlife of South Beach and all of the events now at the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts and the Biscayne corridor, then look to the Venetian Islands.  The neighborhood of the islands linked by the Venetian Causeway is a hidden treasure tucked away just between Downtown Miami and South Beach.  

 This chain of islands built in the 1920s was modeled after Venice, Italy which is probably why I feel so at home here. I was born and raised in Rome and in the ten years that I have lived in South Beach, I have always felt this area to be one of the most special places Miami has to offer. I am not alone. Every friend coming from Italy makes similar comments about this place and there is not one Italian of the huge Italian community living here in Miami Beach who does not know of and love this place. And its not just Venice that it resembles; it is also reminds me of one of the finest and most beautiful areas in Rome: Olgiata. The gardens and landscaping of the amazing villas of Olgiata are remarkable as well as the good energy and beautiful atmosphere. But Olgiata has no water views. From any of the Venetian Islands - Belle Isle, Rivo Alto, Di Lido, San Marino, San Marco and Biscayne - the views are outstanding. Each island in the middle of the Biscayne Bay offers views of scenic Miami: to the South one sees the MacArthur Causeway and the Port of Miami with the cruise ships passing by; to the West are the sailboats in the Biscayne Bay against the ever changing skyline of Miami; to the North are open views of the Biscayne Bay looking toward the Julia Tuttle Causeway and Normandy Isle; and to the East is the view of historic South Beach.  Of course there are also other beautiful areas in South Beach.  The incredible Mediterranean villas of North Bay Road, Hibiscus, Palm, and the Sunset Islands, but none has the energy of Venetian Islands. Perhaps it is all of the little bridges that link the islands together that also bring runners, walkers, roller bladers, and cyclists here to enjoy the outdoors with views from every direction and offer kayakers and jet skiers a charming place to cruise around in the Biscayne Bay


In Italy we say, if you are sad, eat pasta! In Miami, I promise you, if you are having a bad day, or do not feel like going to work on a Monday, drive through the Venetian Causeway and your mood will automatically change.  I am confident you will feel uplifted and happier. Ok, perhaps you think I am going too far when I say this, but I truly love this neighborhood and know that you will too. If you are ever interested in taking a look around, it would be my pleasure to show you this amazing place. And if you call me in advance, I'll show you by boat.


Ho incominciato la mia cariera a Roma nel 1987 e continuo a portare avanti la mia attivita' oggi qui a Miami . Credo di poter essere la persona adatta nel aiutarti a comprare un immobile a Miami