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"Not only do I think Mojo is a fantastic tool for sales professionals to use while they prospect, I am also a client! I have had our entire sales team on Mojo for the past month and have watched our business increase 100%! My sales team has said nothing but positive things about the ease of the system and the way it supports them using their teim in an efficient manner. In my 20 years of being in this business, it's rare that a service comes along that I would endorse and the Mojo Sales Engine is one! Bottom line, if you're in sales, you gotta get the Mojo Sales Engine!"

- Tom Ferry

CEO Tom Ferry- your coach and author of Life! by Design www.tomferrybook.com


It's not just "Location, Location, Location..."

it's all about contacts, contacts, contacts.

One of the fundamental pillars of growing your business is prospecting. The leading real estate schools and coaches agree, in order to be successful in real estate, you must prospect. Prospecting can be a predictable numbers game if you have the right tools. Whether you are calling expired's, FSBO's or just listed/just sold leads, the more calls you make, the more listings you will get.

Check out how Mojo compares to the other dialing and lead management systems out there. We think you'll agree that for Real Estate professionals, the best "location" for success is with Mojo.

Manually making and tracking your prospecting calls could be described as "tedious, monotonous, boring, old school", and a lot of other not-so-nice adjectives. Our real estate customers, top producers and newbies both, are maximizing their time and contact ratio with the Mojo Sales Engine. (For example, one of our customers spent few hours a week using Mojo. Those hours resulted in 14 listings that month.)


Mojo Case Study: A new twist on an "old reliable" method How about averaging an additional 40 listings a month from a proven and reliable marketing method? One of our customers hired four telemarketers to transfer hot leads to him resulting in 40 extra listings every month. Your real estate market is yours for the taking. People are desperate and need help with selling their homes. You just need efficient ways to reach out to them and make contact. What's holding you back?


Want Sales??...Get Mojo!!


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Why the Mojo Dialer is a Must Have Tool for Realtors

This video clearly explains why the Mojo Dialer is the must have tool for any one prospecting using the telephone. Whether it is Real Estate Prospecting, Insurance prospecting or any other form of sales prospecting, the Mojo Dialer will make a dramatic impact on your business. Why? Because setting appointments and making sales on the phone has everything to do with contacts. The more contacts you make, the more money you make and as always, the first to contact is the first to contract. The faster you dial and reach more contacts, the more pitching you will do and the more appointments and sales you will close. There is no power dialer or auto dialer on the market today that can match the quality or the features of the Mojo Dialer. Watch this video and see for yourself! Check out the entire Mojo Dialer suite of products today by visiting us at www.mojosells.com


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Mojo is your All-in-One Real Estate prospecting solution. Web based and Mobile CRM, Power Dialer and Real Estate data service in one easy to use package.