Mona McKenzie, Heavenly Maid Cleaning Service (Heavenly Maid Cleaning Service Inc.)

39 NW 3rd Street

Gresham , OR 97030

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We offer professional home and office cleaning for the working family & busy executive. We also provide upholstery and carpet cleaning services for your convenience.

Get to know Mona McKenzie

Native American and female minority locally owned cleaning company established in 1990. 


Mona cares and understands the needs of her customers, and the community she lives in.  She is active in many local events and donates to many charities, financial and in-kind donations. 

Mona has trained her staff to go the extra mile for their customers, and cleaning professionals, specifically leading by example. Although Mona has a degree in business she continuing strives to increase her knowledge through higher education course work, training and various seminars.

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Heavenly Maid specializes in matching up clients with a cleaning professional that will best suit their needs.  Whether it be a good fit for their family, pets, or merely cleaning day preference.  Their cleaning professionals are highly trained and come with a variety of experience.  They are background and referenced checked, and are considered the "Creme Of The Crop" in the industry.

Heavenly Maid provides residential, vacancy, new construction and office cleaning, as well as carpet cleaning services.  They have a satisfaction guarantee.

Heavenly Maid covers four counties, Multnomah County, Clark County, Washington County and Clackamas County.


Dated:  7/11/08  - Direct email to the cleaning staff:

Thank you so very much for the fantastic job you did cleaning our 
condo today. What a relief to have it sparkling clean in time for 
my relatives to arrive, leaving me time to grocery shop and clean 
my car.

I am a very picky and fastidious cleaner and have had a hard time 
finding someone that has the same definition of "clean" as I do. 
In fact, I started to think that maybe I was just too picky and 
would not ever be completely satisfied with a cleaning service. I 
was so happy to find such a spotless house. In particular, I 
noticed the baseboards- they haven't looked that good since I 
moved in. May I know your secret? What did you use to get them 
looking so good? Also, the white leather furniture looked glowing 
white. With two animals, I never thought it could look so clean 
and I know how difficult it is to get all the hair and grime out 
from between the cushions.

Thank you for doing such an outstanding job and we look forward to 
using your services again in the future!


Korie Parks and Stu Mullenberg, dog and cat too!

Direct email from customer:

Hi Mona,   I just wanted to send a little note regarding Tami's work.  She's doing so great!  I'm very pleased with her - she's thorough and she really has a grasp on what I need and want each week.  She's also friendly, which is a plus!   Thanks for sticking with me and working through a couple glitches.  I hope Tami plans on staying for a while.


Jamie Monahan


Direct email from customer:

Hi Mona,

Just wanted to let you know that we've received word that your company did a
fantastic job on the house at 3827 SE Lincoln! Thanks!

Please keep our contact info if you need a reference in the future.


Stan & Rachael Hall

Direct email from customer dated 6/20/08


Carpets look great!! Thank you, you guys always do such a great job!!!


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