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Get to Know Mike Henderson

Mike Henderson is the President of Genius Ventures.  It is designed to meet all of your Real Estate and Financing needs.  By being able to support both the financing and acquisition of property it allows us to present a turnkey solution to all of your needs.  Of course customer don't have to go with either of our services you are free to partner with your own vendors as well.  Our team has experts in their various fields and if we do not have the appropriate skills in house we certainly know who to go to.


Our areas of expertise range from the Real Estate and Financing of the transaction. The best analogy is if you want to go buy a car.  You go to the lot explore all the features and fall in love with the car.  The dealership goes, "Great, come back with some money and I'll be happy to sell this to you."  Is this way providing the best service to the customer?  The challenge in the Real Estate market today is not finding a good deal on homes, investment, or commercial property in Denver, but helping somebody get the financing for it.  Even if you use Genius Ventures for just one side of the transaction the other party won't be able to BS us or most importantly you on what is going on in the transaction.

Specific areas of Expertise



Buying or Purchasing in the Denver Metro area:  The days of the past are long gone.  It's about the market data!  It's the data.  Pre Internet Realtors worked in a specific area (their farm area) or a certain part of town.  They would drive around watch with their eyes and listen to their ears to what the market said.  This allowed them to have an intuitive feel for what was going on.  With our data on over 400 unique neighborhoods in Denver I can tell you exactly what happened based upon the market data!  I can tell you the number of sales, the percentage of short-sales and foreclosures (This is what it is all about in 2009), and the days on market.  Mike Henderson will target the right neighborhood for you and help you find the properties in the neighborhood that will give you instant equity.

Selling in the Denver metro area:  This same data let's us know how to correctly price your home.  If the market is still declining in your neighborhood we will price your home ahead of the curve.  If it's appreciating we can help you get top dollar.

Short sales:  We work on this area with both buyers and sellers.


A Real Estate and Mortgage Professional to help you with all your Real Estate and financing needs in Colorado. I buy and sell homes throughout the Denver area. I specialize in investors.